This client was looking to create a space that the whole family could enjoy. The outcome: a dedicated cinema room. Why? Because it’s the perfect spot to watch your favourite movie in cinema-quality from the comfort of your own home. 

The countryside is still playing catch up when it comes to internet service, so this suburban home needed a solution that avoided streaming services. Whilst Apple TV and Netflix suffice for casual viewing, they don’t perform great in dedicated cinema rooms because the image resolution is reduced depending on network speeds. As a result, audio and visual quality can take a huge hit. 

Cinematic viewing in dedicated cinema room

The immersive cinematic viewing experience

Cinema room transformation

Our designers and engineers took over a single room and turned it into a movie-watching paradise! With a key focus on audible and visual experience, they designed and installed cinema seating, a 3m screen, hidden speakers, DMX lighting and Dolby Audio. The system is of the highest quality and offers a luxurious space that any film-buff would be envious of. 


Audio-visual installation

First off, we chose the Sony 4K HDR Projector because it delivers stunning, detail-packed images. It brings movies to life with extraordinary cinematic detail, color and contrast and guarantees a superlative viewing experience. Partnered with the Kaleidescape Movie Server our client is guaranteed 4K HDR and full Dolby Audio.

Next, we paired this with an acoustically transparent 3m screen, featuring hidden speakers and subwoofers. Not only does this take large-screen viewing to the next level, but it also gives a slick and professional finish as everything is hidden from view. 

Finally, we installed Dolby ATMOS 7.1.4 Surround Sound using Sonance speakers and subwoofers. Anthem processing and power amplifiers also offer rich and immersive audio. 

Big screen movies in your own home

Big screen movies in your own home


Comfort and luxury

Only one thing beats watching a movie at the cinema and that’s watching a movie from the comfort of your own home. A dedicated cinema room screams luxury. It’s the heart of a home, the room you want to show off to guests and the place you want to spend all your evenings. 

That’s why we installed tiered rows of reclining leather cinema seats, complete with drinks coolers and snack storage. We also padded the walls with fabric panels to not only enhance audio quality but to bring the luxury of the cinema into our client’s home. 

Comfort viewing in dedicated home cinema

Next-level luxury for comfort viewing


DMX lighting solution

Nothing says home cinema like DMX feature lighting! We installed intelligent lighting strips in the ceiling, walls and floor which can be controlled by, you guessed it… Control4. We love the flexibility Control4 brings to home automation systems and it was the perfect finish to this dedicated cinema room. Now, our client can change the lighting scenes to create just the right ambiance for their movie experience.

DMX lighting creates the perfect home cinema feel

DMX lighting creates the perfect home cinema feel


Install a dedicated cinema room in a suburban home, where internet speeds are still playing catch up with the city.


Guaranteed 4K HDR and full Dolby Audio using a Kaleidescape Movie Server. This means the client will always watch the best picture and resolution available. 

The Result

An incredible dedicated cinema room finished to the highest, most advanced spec, that guarantees immersive, cinematic viewing for the whole family.

Average project cost: £50-£75k

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Prior to any construction work, our team will create a 3D render of your cinema room so you can see exactly how it will look and how the technology will work together.

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