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Immersive home cinema experience - bespoke home cinema design, custom manufacturing and expert installation by our sister company, Sinemas.

A new venture is born

Bespoke cinemas by Trusted Technology & Sinemas

Trusted Technology has long been synonymous with incredible home cinema experiences. Now, through Sinemas, we are uniquely placed to handle all aspects including the design and manufacturer of seating, bars, screens, fabric walls and artwork. Everything is now under one roof.

Home Cinema Design

Discover hidden wonders of home cinema rooms

A home cinema is a luxury. A statement. Create an entertainment space that's truly unique to your home and lifestyle - a hidden bar in your basement home cinema, a starlight ceiling in your attic, custom artwork or an 80s theme - whatever you imagine, we design and deliver.

Custom Artwork

Personalise your cinema room

Put your stamp on your home entertainment space with hand-crafted artwork. Cleverly designed with acoustic absorption technology, our LOUD ART panels feature built in speakers to enhance your immersive cinema or entertainment experience.

Bespoke Interiors

Melt into your custom home cinema seating

Nothing says luxury cinema room like custom cinema seating. From reclining, traditional cinema seats to luxurious custom-built sofas in your choice of colour, finish and fabric, your movie experience has never been so enjoyable.

Lifelike Renders

See your cinema room in incredible photo-realistic quality

Know exactly what your room will look like before work commences. Before we even make a start in your dedicated home cinema space, view and approve your cinema design as an incredible 3D render - so realistic it could be a photo!

Cinema Room Experience

Visit our immersive cinema room

Our Experience Centre brings a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of cinema, to be transported by the powers of the big screen and to be connected with the world’s best brands in home cinemas.

Trusted Technology & Sinemas

Cinema is full of nostalgia. It stirs childhood memories, evenings out with friends and date nights when we talk about the big screen. We all remember the films that have made us laugh, cry and scream out loud!

And now, Trusted Technology can recreate these experiences in your own home. We use the latest technology, acoustic techniques and intelligent lighting to build a home cinema like never before. A space that transports you away from the daily hustle and bustle and takes you to the comforting isolation of the big screen.

Trusted Technology has been a leading name in the home entertainment and technology industry for years, creating immersive spaces for our clients to live, relax and entertain in.

We specialise in everything from home cinemas to media rooms, with our sister company, Sinemas, handling all aspects of home entertainment; custom lighting design, bespoke manufactured seating, fabric panelling.

Your dream entertainment space

Word-class cinema design

Know what you’re signing up for - see and approve your cinema room in 3D render before installation even begins.

Custom manufacturing

Make every part of your home cinema unique - bespoke fabric panelling, tailored seating and custom artwork.

Unrivalled installations

Our in-house engineers manage every aspect of onsite preparation, construction, finishing and fixing.

Tech support for life

Build a bespoke care package that caters for your technology long after installation is complete.
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Modular is off the shelf products such as our 4m Sinemas Wall and a couple of our Loud Art panels. This will be the cost-effective solution for anyone wanting a cinema as requires minimal design work. These are also the quickest to deliver in terms of lead time and take us between 8–10 weeks from order to install.

Bespoke rooms are just that – absolutely bespoke for your space. These require design work to be produced and all wall coverings are tailored for the room. Prices start at £75k for these rooms and typically take 16–20 weeks from order to install.

Sinemas are the only company in the world that currently designs, manufacturers and installs home cinema rooms in-house. We manufacture our own screens, seating, wall panels and bars.

Every other installer will buy products from a variety of suppliers, place a margin and then install to you. The major drawback of this approach as it isn’t truly bespoke and quality is compromised.

We only work on projects we have designed and supplied equipment for which allows us to guarantee the performance and, most importantly, warranty them.

The size of the room plays a massive factor in this so it's difficult to give an exact answer. We have completed rooms from £35,000 right through to £500,000.

As we make our projection screens in house you can have any size you like however there are certain guidelines to avoid fatigue whilst watching. For instance, we wouldn’t generally recommend any more than 1:1 from closest seating position – for example if you were 3m away maximum screen size we would say is 3m width. Also be mindful the bigger the screen, the brighter the projectors needs to be, to give a bright enough image.

Our team manages the entire process for you, from design consultation and technical drawings to installation, fixing and finishings, ensuring you only have one port of call throughout your entire project.

For some rooms, a large TV say 85” or 100” may be the right product, however, over this size you are into a different technology and price escalates quickly – for example, a 100” TV screen costs around £10k. A 146” however is £250,000, whereas we can get you a 158” projection screen and projector for less than £50,000.

We always insist on a visit to our showroom which typically lasts half a day and allows us to run through in person the various types of rooms we install but most importantly let you see the different levels of finishes.

If it’s a modular cinema you are looking at we can price this up without any design work.

If it’s a bespoke room, we can give you a full visualisation of the space we are looking at creating. Our design fees for this service are £2995 for this service and typically takes our team 2 weeks to produce. The design fee is fully refundable should you go ahead with us for the installation of your cinema.

This is more common than you may think and the term Media Rooms is often coined for a room that features a great audio-visual experience but with a multi purpose use. Our approach with Sinema Walls allows us to install these in a variety of spaces without compromising audio and visual performance – have a look at our projects for some examples.

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