Every day we’re asked if cables are necessary in this wireless era. The answer: yes. For secure, structured foundations for your technology, wired is the way.

Wired Solutions

The height of connectivity

Whilst sending signals wirelessly is great for convenience, for example on a mobile device, nothing is better than a physical cable for the fastest and most reliable connections.

All of our installations use high quality cables for an infrastructure that works in every part of your home and keeps you connected.

Protecting Your Home

Safety comes first; hard-wired circuits

Wireless security systems are all too easily compromised. That’s why we use enterprise-grade equipment at the heart of every IT infrastructure - it’s capable of talking to hundreds of devices simultaneously without slowing down or cutting out.

Smart Home Builds

Power new builds with smart home capability

For developers, smart homes are becoming more and more the expectation not the exception. Fit your build with the capacity to support smart home technologies enabling your buyer to move right in and have their smart technology connected.

Prioritise Cabling

Don’t treat your cabling as an afterthought

The most expensive cable in the world is the one you forget to install - your technology's infrastructure is just as important as the devices you install. What’s the point of investing in premium technology if you’re not going to provide it with the necessary cabling to work properly?

We pride ourselves on working with the very best equipment out there to ensure your technology can shine, as well as future additions you may not even have considered yet!

Smart Home Planning

Getting the Foundations Right

Regardless of whether you’re at the planning stages of a new-build or looking to upgrade an existing property, our team of designers and installers will put all of their expertise at your disposal. Not only will they cater for your current devices, but they’ll be thinking ahead to the future and what you may need going forward.

Trusted Professionals

Accredited and recognised in the industry

As CEDIA-accredited installers, you can be confident that the guidance Trusted Technology offers on the infrastructure cabling for your home is at the pinnacle of the technology curve.

Once we’ve designed a wiring schedule for you, we’re happy to advise your contractors on the installation, or our team can come in and complete it themselves. One of the benefits of getting our team to do the installation is that we then offer a 20-year warranty on the network.

Getting the foundations right

Improved connectivity

Connect hundreds of devices throughout your home with an infrastructure that just works!

Wired connections

Seamless, uninterrupted connectivity with our wired IT infrastructures.

Peace of mind

We’re so sure of the quality that we provide a 20-year warranty on Trusted Technology infrastructures.

Tech support for life

Build a bespoke care package that caters for your technology long after installation is complete.
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The only devices we recommend putting on Wi-Fi are mobile phones, laptops and iPads – Everything else we connect via a cable as it means your Wi-Fi system is much quicker as it has less traffic and your devices are more secure - a physical connection is much more difficult for hackers to get into.

We call this our Developer Package in that we design your homes to be connected ready for the end user to bolt on their equipment once they move in.

The benefits of this for you, the developer, is that costs are minimal as there is no outlay on expensive hardware. For the end user, they get to decide exactly which elements they want to connect, safe in the knowledge of all the cables in place.

Future proof is difficult as nobody really knows how we will be living our lives in 20 years for example however we do know what cable will be needed for certainly the next 10 years.

Providing you have good internet speeds (50 MB+) you don’t need a satellite dish to watch Sky TV. This is thanks to Sky’s new product – Sky Stream.

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