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Home automation specialists. From consultation and planning to design and installation. Home automation solutions in Nottingham and beyond.

Technology Design

High tech in luxury residential spaces

Seamlessly integrate technology into your home without compromising on aesthetics. Enjoy music in every room, experience custom lighting scenes for different times of the day, control heating and cooling from your smart phone and so much more.

Smart Home Connectivity

Enhance your lifestyle

Connect devices throughout your home for ultimate convenience. Our expert engineers know what smart technology works effectively, as well as how to use it to enhance your lifestyle.

Motorised Blinds & Curtains

Bring elegance and practicality to your home

Motorised shading solutions form an important part of interior design and a convenient method of controlling light. Best of all, you can control motorised blinds or curtains via a switch, remote control, or smartphone, bringing a simple touch of automation.

Smart Solutions Evolution

Smart technology is all around us

It wasn’t that long ago we thought being able to control your home environment from a touchscreen was futuristic. Turning the lights on, programming the heating and opening driveway gates, all from the touch of a button, felt like a fantasy. A different world. Yet today, it is second nature.

In fact, almost every technology item you buy can be connected to the internet. As a result, you can now transform your home using smart solutions and live out your own futuristic dream. What’s more, we’re here to make sure it’s beyond what you could have ever imagined.

Integrated Technology Solutions

Seamlessly intertwined with your home

Our role, as integrated technology professionals, is to bring smart technology together seamlessly, in a way that brings convenience, security and pleasure to your home. Our smart technology solutions have the power to transform not only your living space but your lifestyle, too!

Home Integration

Simple, beautiful, reliable technology

With the sheer number of devices available, it’s important that careful planning goes into the design of a Smart Home. From lighting and heating to security and entertainment, it’s essential that devices are easy to use and offer unbeatable performance. The end result should be simple, beautiful and reliable.

Our expert engineers know what smart technology works effectively, as well as how to use it to enhance your life.

Not sure what home automation looks like for you?

Visit our Experience Centre

Our immersive showroom lets you touch, feel and experience home technology exactly as it would appear in your home.

Marvel at our home cinema room and immerse yourself in entertainment spaces you've never even dreamed of.

Your home, but smarter

Remote management

Stay connected wherever you are - remotely manage your home from a smart phone, giving you peace of mind when you’re away.

Improved safety

Integrated security systems provide next generation home security from CCTV and gated access control to flood detection systems.

Energy efficient

Set your smart home to turn off lights and appliances on schedules to reduce running costs.

Tech support for life

Build a bespoke care package that caters for your technology long after installation is complete.
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To start we recommend completing the Budget Quote Builder – This will give you an indicative price. Next step is a showroom visit where you can touch and feel everything that was on the quote. Finally, we need to design and build a bespoke quote for you. This typically takes 2 weeks, and we would charge 5% of the budget quote to get this underway.

Without question our most popular question – so much so we built a budget calculator for clients to create their very own shopping list.

You certainly can – the same as you can order a car without driving it however we wouldn’t recommend it as our systems are very much personalised to how you live your life. It's why we recommend visiting our purpose build experience centre to touch and feel what you are actually buying – after all it’s a substantial investment that you will be using on a daily basis.

We are now installing 3rd and 4th generation systems for clients so there is becoming a level of expectation within home buyers so whist an increase in value is subjective it will for sure be a differentiating factor.

Typically depending on the size of system we recommend allocating approx 2m x 2m of space for equipment rack and lighting panel although this depends on size of system you opt for.

Absolutely not. That said most clients nowadays have an element of centralised lighting, heating and sound systems and a Home Automation system enables control via a single app.

A well designed one should be intuitive and fluent. We do however visit many takeover jobs where it is evident that the programmer had an ego to please. Our mantra on this is simple ‘just because it can, doesn’t mean you should’ meaning in essence the system is capable of so much but can get so convoluted and challenging to use for the end user.

We don’t bite. Drop into our showroom and experience integrated technology for yourself and understand where the value of a system is.

Whilst some devices can run wirelessly we always advise hardwiring any device that can accept a network cable as it will run quicker and more securely compared to wireless

In Short as early as possible. The reason for this is that it takes a couple of weeks to design your system, then several weeks for equipment to be made so the more notice the better.

We see this daily and agree it doesn’t look great. Thankfully there are options to have the lighting and heating keypad combined into a single faceplate. Pop into our showroom and we can show you these in action.

We always like to yes, whilst it won't be any cheaper from us what it will mean is we know what TV’s work with what brands and also you only have one contact should anything go wrong with your system.

There are certainly some brands out there that are extremely noisy – our go-to brand however is Lutron which are extremely quiet – they also have patented technology which means in a room where there are several shades they drop at the same rate meaning they all reach the bottom at the same time.

There is a plethora of products and installers out there now compared to when we started installing Home Automation systems in 2000 and all we recommend is do your homework on the equipment and the installer. This is why we always recommend an installer with a showroom so you can get to touch and feel what you are buying but also get a feel for how their company is run. We have won countless awards for our service and workmanship and whilst we don’t ever claim to be the cheapest out there we do pride ourselves on the service levels we offer. We are a professional passionate team who would love to be your technology service provider for life.

We are well versed in working in this space and operating under NDA as we have various high profile clients.

Our main concern with these is still a simple £10 wireless jammer will disable these from action which is why we would never recommend critical equipment be reliant on Wi-Fi – for example CCTV cameras and gate intercoms.

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