Backroom converted into a multi-purpose media room to watch films and play pool – all in time for Christmas!

This client got in touch with Trusted Technology as they wanted to explore opportunities for their back room. They couldn’t decide what to do with the space and needed some inspiration.

Unlike cinema rooms, which need a designated room in a property, it’s possible to integrate a media room into an existing space, giving it dual function. In this case, the customer wanted a room to display their art collection and have an American pool table. Not only this, but they also wanted the wow-factor of an integrated audio and visual system.

The brief

We had a very specific and clearly stipulated project brief to follow; all technology must be hidden from view when not in use. Furthermore, the client had along with a wish list of high-quality sound from ceiling speakers. Plus a single remote control for all the audio-visual equipment as well as the lights. An impossible task, you may think. But not for the Trusted Tech team! At 9m long by 4m wide, the room was a fair size and lent itself well to a variety of exciting options.

Media room fit-out

A sticking point was what technology to use as a Sky engineer said Sky Q couldn’t be installed… The proposed solution was to run network cables to each set-top box, but with huge cosmetic consequences to the newly decorated home. Trusted Technology completed a WiFi heat map, which showed an opportunity to install an enterprise WiFi network that would carry the Sky Q signal to the additional set-top boxes, without installing the extra cabling. Problem solved!


Backroom, media room, art gallery and pool room – all in one! The wish list was long, with the added extra stipulations of all technology being hidden from view when not in use and controlled from one single remote control.



Trusted Technology’s talented team used bespoke design software to devise a plan that integrated high-spec technology into ceilings with the use of automated motors. Voice control, along with a single remote, meant easy operation.

Nothing excites our team more than automating motors, so when they heard all the technology that was required, they set to work using our bespoke design software and soon had a plan using the following high-performing equipment:

  • A motorised projector drop featuring the recently award-winning Epson TW7300 projector.
  • A motorised 2.3m screen concealed in the ceiling.
  • Triad’s amazing range of directional in-ceiling speakers and a Yamaha AV receiver.
  • Voice control and single remote interface from the intuitive Control4 platform, controlling not only the audio-visual system, but also four circuits of lighting from their new range of UK products.


The result was stunning and achieved under very tight pre-Christmas timescales. The customers were extremely happy that they would be able to entertain their Christmas guests with their brand-new Media Room!

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