This home automation system was next level!

Having recently moved to the UK from the US, our client had high expectations for their home automation system. They had converted a barn into their family forever home and wanted to step their home interior up a notch…

We delivered above and beyond their brief. We transformed their US-style open-plan living space with a customised lighting system, home cinema and complete home security system. 


Home automation system setup

The client had engaged with their own electrical contractor to fit the cabling for the project. As a result, we needed to provide a very specific brief for the electricians to follow so that our plans for audio-visual distribution, automated lighting and shutters, home security system and home cinema could be adequately catered for. 

We met with the contractors on-site and liaised with them regularly to ensure they were clear on cabling requirements and that it was delivered to our specification. 


The Transformation


The most integral part of this project was the lighting design. Given the open-plan living space, we needed to ensure our plans provided clear demarcation areas for lounge, dining and kitchen. This offered the flexibility of creating both simple lighting scenes across the entire living space and individual moods in specific areas.

Firstly, due to the sheer scope of the project, we opted for Lutron to control the lighting system. Secondly, we integrated this with Control4 to achieve a clean, single-interface app control. We implemented single remotes in rooms to allow for the control of everything at the touch of a button. 

Our client can now set each room and area of their home to have the desired lighting for the mood they want to create. For instance, whether they’re relaxing with family or hosting friends with lively entertainment, they’re able to create the perfect atmosphere through their home automation system.


Automated mood lighting in open-plan living space


Home Security System

To ensure maximum home security and peace of mind, we installed a WiFi & IT Network for CCTV coverage of the property. A 10” wall-mounted touchscreen allows for easy viewing of the CCTV footage and also acts as the video intercom should guests need letting in at the electric gates. 

The sheer square footage of the project meant that the building also required a fire and intruder alarm system similar to that you would see in a commercial property. A pretty cool integration we made was linking the fire alarm to the lighting system. As a result, all of the lights to come on should the fire alarm go off. This additional safety mechanism provides an extra sense of security for the family should anything occur at night.


Home Cinema

Our personal favourite! Installing a home cinema is always an exciting part of any project because it adds so much value and comfort to your lifestyle. 

As with the lighting, our client was keen to hide any evidence of their tech installs, especially since the cinema room was also going to be a bar area for hosting friends and family. With that in mind, we housed the projector in a separate room. We installed special projector glass to allow for the image to pass into the cinema room with no corruption of image quality. 


Home cinema


Install a complete home automation system, inclusive of dynamic lighting, a home cinema and CCTV network. Hide all cabling and equipment to ensure an aesthetically beautiful home to welcome guests into. 


We used a Lutron lighting control system to ensure every room’s lighting could be controlled and custom set. We also fitted a CCTV system which tied into the home automation system.

The result – a complete home automation system

Our client couldn’t be happier with the outcome of their project. We’ve taken their home automation system to the next level, providing security, comfort and customisation.


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Average Project Cost – £70-80k

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