Home entertainment solutions - bringing life and soul to indoor and outdoor spaces through media walls, TV walls and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Multi-Room Audio

Create ambiance in any room

‘Audio visual’ is a broad term. So what does it include? At Trusted Technology, we consider it to be any project that requires a sound system or a visual screen. It should be a treat for the ears and the eyes!

Music has been a central part of life as far back as we can remember, and it’s key to creating the correct ambience in any space. Music can match your mood, change the way you’re feeling, or have a direct influence on the way you think and react. Distribute music to one room or an entire office complex.

Distributed Video

Bring immersive entertainment to any space

The age of having a piece of furniture dedicated to housing TV or speaker is long gone. Driven by design, Trusted Technology can install distributed audio-visual systems so all you see is a sleek TV installed flush to the wall – or even better, a hidden TV that magically appears from inside a wall.

Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Extend your living space for outdoor entertaining

Elevate your exterior design scheme and complement luxury lighting with outdoor audio systems, TVs and wall projectors to take your summer night outdoor entertaining to a whole new level.

TV Walls

Inject everyday rooms with magic

No room for a home cinema? We can make big screens appear from nowhere!

Walls are not just structural necessities, they’re a masterpiece waiting to be adorned with audiovisual equipment to create a beautiful and functional space. These pieces are the perfect solution for anyone who wants a clean, clutter-free entertainment area without compromising on style.

Your dream entertainment space

Outdoor video solutions

Make outdoor spaces the perfect place to host. From outdoor projectors and TVs to garden audio for perfect ambiance.

Connected home

Connect every part of your home to audio-visual solutions, making it the ideal place to entertain, relax and enjoy.

Unrivalled installations

Our in-house engineers manage every aspect of onsite preparation, construction, finishing and fixing.

Tech support for life

Build a bespoke care package that caters for your technology long after installation is complete.
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The main difference between indoor TV’s and Outdoor TV’s other than the outdoor versions are designed to work in all weather conditions is that they are much brighter meaning you can see them in direct sunlight.

Typically, a TV of some size with speakers either sound bar or in wall speakers fitted into a bespoke wall.The majority of these are either into plasterboard or flat stretch fabric system.Our Sinemas Media WALL is completely different in that it’s a luxury piece of furniture beautifully engineered to house speakers and TV’s we have tried tested.We urge anyone thinking about a Media Wall to visit our showrooms to experience it in person.

We only recommend ceiling speakers for background audio. For rooms where music will be played at louder levels we need bigger speakers and in most cases separate subwoofers.We have various ways of concealing those especially as we manufacture our own furniture which gives us greater flexibility.For clients that want to go nightclub-loud, we work with brands such as L Acoustics who deliver the sound for Tomorrowland amongst others which will ensure the party really does get started!

It varies massively with speakers for example we install speakers that start at £500 a pair right up to £500,000 a pair. Our handy quote tool will give an idea what to budget for.

We always like to yes, whilst it won’t be any cheaper from us what it will mean is we know which TV’s work with which brands reliably and also you only have one contact should anything go wrong with your system.

We only install speakers that are designed for outdoor use meaning they are capable of withstanding water and also severe heat (although this isn’t as much of an issue in the UK !)

Unfortunately we cannot offer any value as our business has substantial overheads as engineers employed which means large investment in training and also and have own showroom which in today's world costs a lot to run each month. We would normally recommend finding a self employed engineer with smaller overheads that can offer much more value to you.

The environment is key to answering this. For example if you love listening to Ibiza Classics with a few friends then we have systems that will make you feel like you are in Amnesia.Or if you want to listen to a bit of Symphony No 5 in a comfy armchair we have some of the finest 2 channel speakers available in the world from Steinway Lyngdorf on display.

We have been installing technology systems since 1996 and it's evolved massively since then. Channel 5 wasn’t even a thing then and 95% of the population were still receiving TV via a TV Aerial on their chimney. 1998 saw the advent of digital TV via either an Aerial (On Digital) or a dish via Sky. In 2006, we see HD broadcasts just in time for the Work Cup in Germany and the pretty much 10 years to the day Sky launched 4K signals in the UK.

Streaming TV has now been with us for 10 years and changed how we watch TV. Fast forward nearly 30 years and 2023 will be remembered as the year the satellite dish died as Sky look to promote Sky Stream.

We think it's fair to say on the current trajectory set-top boxes will disappear and all our viewing will be done via an App on the TV – like we watch Netflix and Amazon Prime now. Resolution changes are typically every 10 years so expect to see 8K in the next 2–3 years. Although most TV manufacturer’s have a product which can let you watch 8K signals none of the broadcasters have actually made content – as yet!

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