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TT stands for Trusted Technology - but it can also stand for Takeover Team when you need someone to step in!

Industry Standards

Know your pros from the amateurs

The integrated technology industry remains unregulated at present, meaning anyone can profess to be an ‘expert’ in the field.

Unfortunately, we receive many frustrated calls from distressed homeowners who’ve poured hundreds of thousands of pounds into their dream project, only to find it doesn’t work. This results in yet more outlays for our diagnostics services and remedial works.

Unqualified 'experts'

Don't be fooled

Not any Tom, Dick or Harry can simply plug in a piece of technology and have it up and running...

Home technology integrators need a deep understanding of every intricate part of the home, from electrical and lighting design, home cinema and entertainment, media rooms and audio-visual distribution to networking, heating, cooling, security, room acoustics, motorised shading, automation, manufacturing, carpentry and much more!

Unfortunately, this level of expertise is not something you get from a solo service provider. Not to mention the aftercare is impossible - what happens when this individual is on holiday, unavailable to take your call, or decides to close shop? Your home suffers.

Invest Once, Invest Well

Get it right first time

Choose your home technology partner carefully. People often worry about the cost of hiring professionals, but in actual fact, the cost of employing amateurs is often much higher - work has to be redone and hardware often has to be replaced.

We typically work on projects where upwards of £100,000 has been spent on poor installations, and the same again is needed to fix it.

Trusted Tech to the Rescue

Re-engineering smart home standards

Whether it’s cabling and electronics that need attention or deeper remedial work, our Takeover Team has the tools, manufacturer accounts and expertise to save any integrated technology project that has run into trouble.

We're on a mission to transform the industry, call out the rogues and ensure every homeowner gets the benefits of their technology they deserve.

Price isn't just a number

Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten

Our prices are not the lowest, but we stand by them as they reflect the service we deliver and the customer satisfaction received.

At Trusted Technology, you get all that, and more.

Doing it the right way

Peace of Mind

Work with an industry-recognised, award-winning team whose experience spans multiple decades.

Proven Process

We don’t just jump into things, your project is an experience from survey through design to installation.

Reduce Outlay

Save costs in the long run by hiring professionals from the off. We get it right first time, no botch jobs!

Tech support for life

Build a bespoke care package that caters for your technology long after installation is complete.
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Unfortunately, we hear this daily and it’s a sad indictment of our industry. There has been an influx of companies set up in the last 5 years as they thought Home Automation would be the next double-glazing market.

We’ve even seen TV retailers getting on board with Home Automation, it’s a real concern as our industry still isn’t regulated so we really stress to our clients about doing their homework.

We live and die internally by this phrase – ‘Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten’

Our advice is to choose your company carefully at the start – 5 things to look out for:

  1. How long have they been trading?
  2. Do they have a showroom or office? If not, it may be difficult to take action if they don’t answer their phones
  3. Are they registered as installers with the brands they are installing?
  4. How many Engineers do they have? If it’s a solo-installer, what happens when he goes on holiday or gets sick?
  5. Ask for a client reference – if you are investing upwards of £50,000-£250,000 on a Home Automation, it's only right that you hear from previous customers. A bad experience could cost double your project cost if you need to get another company to redo their work.

Yes, we’re well versed in Takeover Projects, having worked on my many projects where our clients have been left dissatisfied by a previous company. We are adept at quickly understanding what’s required and, where needed, solving problems that have been a sticking point for other companies.

We have a department purely for support as we believe passionately about keeping our clients technology online. We call this TrustPack - a solution that allows you to create a bespoke aftercare package for all your technology needs. We can provide a bespoke quote within 24 hours for TrustPack.

We simply don’t believe in that clients should have a different level of service depending on the amount of money they pay us so all TrustPack clients to get the same 24/7 support.

The first step is the initial survey. Here we will come to site, listen to all the issues you are experiencing and then spend time cataloguing the issues and mapping the connections and technology you have. We charge £1995 for this service.

Once we have documented everything we are they in a position to give a full proposal to remedy your technology issues and at the same time put together a quote for ongoing support via TrustPack.

Prices vary depending on the level of technology you have in your home. Typically, however a basic Cinema Room could be £49 a month. We also have projects where the client has over 50 TVs in their home which they are paying £590 a month for.

The warranty of any equipment you purchased from your previous installer is with the manufacturer and our team will liaise with the manufacturer to ensure anything faulty under warranty is either repaired or replaced at no cost to you.

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