Moving into a new house with a smart home system should be exciting. But what about when you discover a job half done?

Buying a house with a smart home system already installed is a bit of a dream and it was certainly the motivation behind our client’s choice of property. On viewing the house, the current owner demonstrated an impressive system that worked well. Lots of different functions were incorporated, including centralised video and audio distribution, panelised lighting and integrated security.

As with any smart home system, adjustments are expected. Different people like different levels of lighting, shading and climate control. Reconfiguring, tweaking and tuning the system to the specific requirements of a new homeowner is an inevitable exercise and our client was fully aware of this…

Problems crept in with the smart home system

The new homeowner wasn’t aware of the problems that would arise after moving in. The smart home system he inherited was poorly cabled, badly programmed and completely non-functional in places.

It became clear that the previous owners had stopped short of completing the whole project and used an existing installer located over two hours away. When the installer finally visited the property, he produced a bill for several hundred pounds for work that essentially entailed changing a light bulb—which didn’t resolve the issues.

Getting to the crux of the problems became almost impossible until a mutual contact recommended Trusted Technology.

Our smart home system transformation

Upon inspection, it was clear to our technicians that they needed to rework the Lutron lighting programming, making the dangerous cabling safe. We dispatched a full complement of programmers and just a few days later the client had a functioning, logical lighting system that was safe to use. After configuring the system to the client’s exact needs, our team provided on-site training to ensure that everyone in the house knew exactly how the system worked.

Since then, the client has requested further work be carried out and we have become his installer of choice. Trusted Technology puts honesty, trust and safety at the forefront, making sure each and every job is completed to the highest standard.

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Inadequate service from an installer and lack of integrity from the previous owner left a new homeowner with a Smart Home system that was not only poorly installed and incomplete, but also unsafe.


Honest, reliable service from fully-qualified experts at Trusted Technology. We’d like to say we worked wonders, but we simply kept our promise of offering the highest quality of service so our client could finally Experience Amazing.

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