Cubo Derby is the first Cubo project in the UK, situated in the heart of Derby’s city center. Our commercial fit-out enhanced its unique approach to creating a dynamic remote working environment.

The whole building oozes coolness and has a fresh, chilled vibe about it. It offers a range of working environments from private offices to hotdesks and promotes an enjoyable, relaxed working environment for remote workers who don’t want to be sat at their kitchen table! Free coffee, snacks and beer are all part of their mantra, so you could say it’s a home from home.

Commercial fit-out promotes flexible working and productivity

Cubo Derby’s co-working space promotes flexible working and productivity

When the client contacted us for a smart technology commercial fit-out, we knew we were the perfect match. The culture that Cubo Derby promotes was one of the main attractions of working on this project. Not to mention the awesome building and incredible interior design.

The Setup

The list of requirements was long and the timeframe was short… Our client needed an IT network, WiFi system, speed gate entry, access control, video intercom, CCTV, distributed audio, video conferencing and large screens, all in 2 weeks.

With the grand opening fast-approaching, we had to work some magic to meet the deadline. Luckily, our strong relationship with manufacturers meant we could fast-track the delivery of technology. Usually, we’d have to wait 4-6 weeks, but we had it arrive on our doorstep in just 48 hours!

cubo derby the old post office

Cubo Derby is located in the impressive old Post Office building

The Transformation of Cubo Derby

The client wanted only the best brands to ensure that the technology used in the commercial fit-out enhanced the tenants’ experiences. 

Access control and security

Our first port-of-call was ensuring the building was secure yet easily accessible. Cubo’s commercial spaces offer 24/7 access, so it was vital to consider round the clock safety and security.

Video intercom in commercial fit-out

Video intercom ensures secure access to Cubo Derby at all times


The first thing we did was install a video entry system on the front door. This enables visitors to contact the front reception desk for admission to the complex. It adds an extra level of security making Cubo Derby a secure and welcome place to work.


Speed gates

We also installed speed gates in the reception area and key doors throughout the building. The integration of Paxton access control allows tenants to access their required areas once inside. This system can track who opened what door at what time and is also linked up to the CCTV

What’s more, we connected everything to the fire alarm system to open access routes in the event of a fire. 


Speed gates allow for easy, secure access

Speed gates allow for easy, secure access

IT network installation

Most tenants would be working wirelessly in offices or at hotdesks. As a result, we needed to use a product that would allow hundreds of users on-site with no reduction in bandwidth. 

Cisco Meraki is our number one choice for commercial WiFi installation. It is the leading WiFi product, especially for commercial spaces, because it offers the very best security. This enables any rogue users to be booted off the network immediately. 


Audio distribution 

For communal areas, we installed BOSE pendant-style speakers to really showcase the high ceilings in the complex. These deliver an incredible quality of audio and can even be turned to almost nightclub level audio. Perfect for holding events and very fitting since the building was previously a club.

commercial fit-out cubo derby distributed audio

We kitted out Cubo Derby with audio-distribution in communal spaces


Video conferencing

Finally, with so many meeting rooms, we needed software that would deliver video streaming to the various 75” screens. This software allows seamless streaming of any video conferencing platform, for example, Zoom, Microsoft Team and Webex. 

Video conferencing facilities installed in all private meeting rooms

Video conferencing facilities installed in all private meeting rooms


Commercial fit-out in just 2 weeks, complete with IT network, WiFi system, speed gate entry, access control, video intercom, CCTV, distributed audio and video conferencing.


Two of our dedicated engineers worked 12 hours days for 2 weeks to ensure the project was completed on time and within budget. Our can-do attitude to working with our clients shone through again!

The Result

With 2 engineers working 12 hours days (thankful for the Nero next door) we handed over the project on time and within budget. 

The client was so thrilled that they have already handed over 2 more projects for us to complete in early 2021. We’ll be working on Cubo Sheffield and Cubo Nottingham. We can’t wait to transform more Cubo commercial spaces with our integrated technology solutions.

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Average Project Cost – £100-150k

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