Transforming unused loft space into the ultimate home cinema room.

Lofts. They’re great for storage. For being home to Christmas decorations. For hiding birthday presents. But do you know what they’re even better for? A home cinema room! It’s the perfect addition to the home, enhancing entertainment viewing and family time by bringing a cinematic spectacle that the whole family can enjoy.

And that’s exactly what we did for this client…

Project Overview

Our initial relation began as a Takeover Project. The client had previously paid over £75,000 to another company for complete home automation, however, the finished workmanship wasn’t up to scratch. Fear not, Trusted Technology stepped in and resolved the problems!

The client was so pleased with the results that we were asked to work on a new project – a home cinema room. Our favourite! We excitedly rushed up three flights of stairs and were greeted by the most incredible loft space, perfect for this kind of renovation.

A week later, the Trusted Tech designers returned with home cinema room ideas for the client to choose from – they were so excited that we started work immediately.

The Transformation

Room setup

Our team of joiners, plasterers and electricians were the first on-site. Due to the unusual room structure, we crafted bespoke units to house the cinema screen and offer storage. We also made sure none of the cabling was visible and left the room finished to a high standard.

Tech installs

Next came the installation of DMX Lutron lighting, a 4K projector and fully immersive 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos audio. The lighting could be controlled to set various moods and the immersive surround sound offered enhanced audio quality.


To complete the home cinema room, we installed full blackout blinds, creating a realistic cinema experience.

To enhance the user experience, we were able to expand the current home automation system and give the room its own Control4 solution.


After hearing about our bespoke home cinema rooms, our client wanted to know how we could transform their unused roof space and help them enjoy every inch of their home.


We designed and created a bespoke home cinema room to complement and work with the unusual space, fully integrating the system with their existing smart home technology.

Fast and reliable

The whole project took less than three weeks to complete!

Oh, and did we mention this included the creation of a bespoke bar? After all, we are dealing with luxury!

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