Virtual reality home cinema design

VR home cinema room design

Our VR home cinema design lets you explore your home cinema room before it’s even built and installed!

Picture yourself on reclining leather seats watching your favourite movie. See the wine glass perched on the bar, your favourite bottle in the cooler. Dim the lights to create the perfect ambiance. Thanks to our virtual reality (VR) home cinema design, all this is possible before construction even begins.


VR is changing reality

This pioneering technology is opening up a whole new world where you can quite literally see into the future. If you’ve never experienced the world of VR, don’t worry, you will have the opportunity very soon!

As a custom installer of home cinema systems, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to see your space during the design phase. 


VR and design

Virtual reality quite literally brings a whole new dimension to the design phase of our projects. It lets us bring our visions to life and share them with our clients, immersing them in a simulated world that enhances reality. It is a powerful design and a visualisation tool that allows us to create experiences to transport our clients to 3D environments. Here, they can freely move and interact with their surroundings. 

Our team of designers and engineers are experts at piecing together exactly the right tech and interior design elements to create the perfect home cinema room. Now, you can experience their vision by being fully immersed in a 3D render of your home cinema.

VR levels-up any sketch or CAD model because it brings spatial context and scale to a design, making the experience much more life-like. What’s more, by walking through your finished property in virtual reality during the design phase, you can be sure that your entertainment room will be exactly what you were hoping for.


VR home cinema design brings a new depth to our design phase

VR home cinema design brings a new depth to our design phase


  • Phenomenal quality – photo-realistic animation means we can produce life-like representations of your finished project
  • Room-scale – our VR home cinema designs replicate the full size and scale of the room to be transformed
  • Realistic environment – VR integrates your virtual experience with reality, meaning it portrays scenes in day/night modes, differing seasons and even captures shadows and reflections!


VR home cinema design

Why for home cinemas, you ask? Well, since VR and entertainment go hand in hand, we thought what better place to start than designing and building the ultimate home entertainment system in virtual reality?

This gives you the chance to get a clear sense of your room’s layout and functionality, giving you a much more realistic insight into the end result. This means you’ll get a real sense of the space, screen sizes and lighting. As a result, you’ll confident to suggest changes, personalisations or bespoke additions. 

What’s more, what better way to make sure we deliver on our promise than to have the end result signed-off before we start? Failure isn’t even an option when you know the outcome! It’s a win-win situation for everyone. 


How our VR process works

Following an initial consultation at your home, our design team will spec out a bespoke home cinema room based on your room size, requirements and personal preferences. Just 6-10 days later, from the comfort of your own home, you’ll be able to pop on your headset and get an initial idea of how we can transform your room.


Check out your transformation with the whole family and make sure it’s right for you before we even start

VR improves customer satisfaction

Since VR allows you to get up close and personal with your project, it means you can be sure that the design is exactly right for you and your family before the transformation begins. This ensures our process runs smoothly from concept to installation, with 100% customer satisfaction. 

Got a spare room in your home that could be the perfect spot for a home cinema? Give us a call and see how our VR solution could start your journey!

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