Stop unwanted visitors in their tracks with our state-of-the-art intruder alarms. It’s your property—protect it.

Burglar alarms no longer rely on your neighbours hearing the siren and taking action. Advancements in technology mean that alerts can now be sent straight to your phone—or even the police.

Plus, our systems can work with other technologies to responsively manage different aspects of the physical environment in your property, such as heating or lighting. All without you lifting a finger!

When someone breaks into your property, there’s not only the financial repercussions of what they take or the damage they cause—it’s an invasion of your privacy and personal space.

Instead of a lone bell sounding on the side of your building, now you can have a detailed alert sent straight to your mobile phone as soon as movement is detected, and, if needed, to the police. Wherever you are, you will know the second someone enters the property that shouldn’t be there.

As our intruder alarms can be integrated with other technologies, the sensors are able to trigger other devices. For example, you could save money on your energy bills by having the lights and heating turn off if there hasn’t been movement in an area for a certain amount of time.

It’s time to make technology work smarter. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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