Woughton Leisure Centre


TECHNOLOGY: Audio Visual / Automation / Advanced Lighting

PROJECT: Immersive video system with virtual class function (studio 1) – virtual training system with projector (studio 4) – all studio have high end audio systems (1/2/3/4) – All studios have advanced DMX lighting.

SECTOR: Leisure


This is one of our most exciting and ambitious projects to date combining not only the latest in control technology from Control 4, but also the latest in video technology from Panasonic to create a fully immersive video experience.  We also rolled out some good old fashioned ‘brute-force-power’ to create the ultimate in workout destinations.  If you don’t live in Milton Keynes, after seeing this installation, you will wish you did!

 Project Overview 

The scale of the work involved at first sight would be overwhelming to all but the most seasoned installers; thankfully, here at Trusted Technology we are made of sturdier stuff and relish pushing boundaries by offering our customers the best of current and up-and-coming technology.

For this project our client’s initial brief was to provide a video system suitable to create a massive 9.5m wide 3m high super-screen and to provide an audio and lighting experience to rival the best nightclubs in town.   A further 3 studios would receive a mix of DMX controlled colour changing lighting, top notch audio and in the case of the largest studio (studio 4), an additional projector with a Les Mills Virtual Fitbox for unattended workouts.


For the main studio, and after much deliberation, our ‘techies’ settled on a pair of Panasonic laser projectors powered from custom designed software running on a bespoke MAC and a full suite of JBL speakers including (2) 15” subwoofers and (4) active monitors.  The icing on the cake was the addition of a 7 universe DMX lighting system and a bespoke Control sysyem.

For the remaining studios we selected the best value, highest performance audio electronics around combining selections from RCF, Cloud Electronics, Crown and Optoma.

Once the basic outline for the equipment was decided, our technical team got to work alongside our CAD experts to draft some highly complex schematics and to-scale construction drawings which would allow our highly skilled technicians to install everything without any mistakes or schedule overruns.

Even though we were pushing the boundaries of what was possible in such a compressed timescale, especially with such highly sophisticated equipment, we felt confident that we could design and deliver this project on time and within budget.

I am happy to inform you that we didn’t disappoint on any count. We delivered not only a control system that we believe has never before been attempted for a system of this type but also one of the UKs spectacular immersive experiences.

A true one off.

Equipment Highlights

  • Two laser projectors edge blended together using geometry mapping software
  • Custom designed lighting system (including a 7 universe DMX lighting system)
  • Scheduled Les Mills Virtual Fitness classes for unattended fitness nirvana


Trusted Technology was privileged to be at the launch for Woughton and can report that in addition to feedback on the day being fantastically positive, not one issue was reported.  However, as with all high end systems, we have safeguarded our clients’ interests by suppling a remote support dial in capability, meaning that while the fitness gurus attending the classes wont rest-easy, the leisure centre staff surely can knowing that the system will take a licking and keep on ticking.