CLIENT: Richer Sounds




As an approved Richer Sounds installer we were approached by their IT department to assist them with a National rollout for Wi Fi across all of their 54 stores.

The Brief

The IT infrastructure across the Richer Sounds estate had been in for some time and whilst for most businesses would have been sufficient Richer Sounds were at the cutting edge of technology and needed a Wi Fi network capable of at any one time connecting more than 200 devices.

Pretty much every product they sell including TV’s, wireless music system such as SONOS and Denon HEOS all relied on having a robust Wi Fi infrastructure or sales staff were unable to demo the equipment correctly.

Richer Sounds wanted to work with a partner who could manage the rollout of each of their busy stores which all ranged in architecture and in most cases over 3 or 4 floors.

Project Connect

It made sense early on that in order to complete the rollout within the 3 month timescale we would use the same engineer for every store.

The advantages here would mean consistency and familiarity with each and every store and rapport with Richer Sounds Project Managers.

Our engineers delivered a first class service for each and every branch working in sometimes tight and crowded environments but always respectful that the store had a business to run.

Our SLA on downtime at changeover of their old IT network had to be less than 5 minutes as all tills used the infrastructure and we couldn’t be responsible for even a single penny of lost revenue for the store