Osbourne Court

CLIENT: Retirement Security Limited

TECHNOLOGY: Fibre Optic IRS System


Retirement Security Limited is responsible for the management of 31 developments of Leasehold Very Sheltered Housing across England and Wales. This is achieved by careful attention to building design, high standards of service, and a unique management model that provides owners with the major say in decision-making.

Providing the best entertainment services in a key ingredient to delivering the best experience, thats why Retirement Security asked Trusted Technology to design and install a TV system for one of their flagship properties where the existing TV system was getting old and couldn’t provide Sky signals.

Osbourne Court is a development of five individually designed lodges comprising 40 spacious, two bedroom apartments. The Court lodges are named of some of the original architects who worked on the unique designs of Port Sunlight Village in the later 19th and 20th Centuries. Lockwood Lodge houses the Courts comfortable Owners lounge and restaurant.

Port Sunlight Village is now a conservation area, presenting a unique challenge when retrospectively installing a TV system as all cabling and antennas have to be carefully designed and accepted by the local planning officers. Osbourne Court is also spread over 5 individual block which also creates a design consideration with only on TV Antenna and Satellite Dish permitted across the whole development.

That’s why we submitted plans to use a Fibre Optic Integrated Reception System, the benefits of Fibre IRS are:

  • Signals can be distributed over much greater distances than using traditional copper based TV networks, this was perfect to supply signal to the 5 blocks at Osbourne Court.
  • Fibre Optic cables are much smaller than coaxial cables and virtually invisible when correctly installed, this was ideal to meet and satisfy stringent planning considerations.
  • Fibre IRS can supply services for FREEVIEW HD, FREESAT HD, SKY, DAB/FM/RADIO – all down one single 3mm cable!
  • All apartments are “plug and play” for the residents
  • No individual dishes or aerials required, one TV and Satellite antenna can supply 1000s of homes!

Completed in April 2014, Trusted Technology commissioned the 40 apartment Fibre IRS system receiving fantastic feedback from residents for our professional and positive approach.