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CLIENT: The Kent Family, Ravenshead

TECHNOLOGY: Home Automation, CCTV, WiFi, Audio Visual, Aerial & Satellite System, Intruder Alarm, Lighting

  • “I am absolutely delighted and equally amazed at my Control 4 Home Automation system. It has made living in our beautiful new home even more special having the ability at the flick of a button at home, or away from it, to control almost limitless audio, video and electrical equipment. None of this would have been possible without the efforts of Trusted Technology and their professional engineers. They advised me on the best solutions and walked me through the system as well as programming it to do exactly what I desired.

     “Many thanks guys”

    Kevin Kent
    Home Owner

Ravenshead lies in the heart of Sherwood Forest, adjacent to Newstead Abbey and is one of the most beautiful villages in England with hidden properties scattered throughout the grounds of the old Abbey.

Hideaway was one of these properties, its owner, Kevin Kent, purchased the property in July 2014 after falling in love with the properties character and extensive gardens.

Kevin knew that the property needed bringing back to life as the insulation, heating and technology systems were all very dated, and after getting in touch initially with us back in May, we worked together to understand the level of home automation that Kevin and his family required for their new home.

The brief for the property from Kevin and his family was as follows:

  • All video distributed from a central position ensuring only a TV screen was located at viewing location in each room
  • Touchscreen panel on kitchen wall to control  all technology
  • One remote for each room rather than three or four, which is common place in most homes
  • Control of heating whilst not in the property
  • Intruder alarm that could integrate into the touch screen panel
  • CCTV system which could be viewed remotely
  • Control of two garage doors
  • Intercom for guest to use which would also control the electric gates
  • Solid and reliable Wi Fi system
  • Automated lighting that could be controlled when not in the property

Multiroom Audio wasn’t a priority as initially Kevin discussed buying SONOS portable units for each room. However, after a couple of meetings, multiroom audio via hardwired cabling was added after we discussed the pro’s and con’s of SONOS in this type of environment.

It was agreed that Control4 was the Home Automation system that would run Kevin’s home as he wanted something that was recognised and reliable. After doing his own research on Control4 he quickly realised that they were the market leaders in Home Automation.

Our engineers were on site in August to start running several kilometres of data and speaker cable throughout the home, routing back to a central location in the home where we would install a 42U server rack to house all the equipment.

Once we had tested the cabling after the first fix it was then a case of waiting to be called back in to complete the second fix once the plasterers and decorators had completed their works. Second fix for us would be the installation of all devices such as intruder alarms, PIR’s, door contacts, Wi Fi access points, ceiling speakers and CCTV camera’s, also the installation of the main rack.

Kevin wanted to move into the home for New Year’s Day 2015 so our engineers worked right up until Christmas Eve and between Christmas  and New Year to ensure all the technology was working ready for moving in.

The initial brief was achieved and with a Control4 4sight licence, Kevin and his family now have ‘Anywhere Access’ allowing them to control all of the technology in the home from anywhere in the world.

We think Kevin is an advocate of Home Automation as already he is thinking about adding a home cinema to the installation. We would like to thank him and his family for using Trusted Technology and wish them many years of joy in their new home.