Calderbrook Place

CLIENT: Hanover Housing Association

TECHNOLOGY: IRS Installation

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Calderbrook Place, like many properties owned and managed by Social Landlords, had their TV system upgraded in the early part of the last decade. At the time it was the latest communal TV system available to them, however at that time nobody expected that Sky+ was going to revolutionise TV.

Hanover Housing asked us to take a look at their current TV system as customers were asking why they couldn’t receive the signals to make their Sky+ set top boxes work.

We advised that the problem was that when the current TV system was installed, it was designed to have one cable ran from the multiswitch – which is the piece of equipment that sends the signal along the cable – to the set top box.

However, to receive Sky+ signals you need two cables so we started work designing a system that would allow all residents to receiver Sky+ signals.

Hanover loved our design and quickly gave us an order to upgrade Calderbrook Place, within two weeks our engineers were on site rewiring the development and upgrading multiswitches taking extreme care to ensure all residents weren’t disturbed in the process.

After 8 days we had commissioned the development to rapturous applause from the residents, not to mention a very happy Hanover Property Manager.

Our quality team then walked off the site with a Clerk of Works for Hanover who commented on how neat our installation was and quickly passed us another site to take a look at.

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