The Crown & Anchor

CLIENT: The Crown & Anchor, Mansfield

TECHNOLOGY: Audio Visual and Control4 systems

“Thanks to all the guys at Trusted Technology for taking all the stress out of ensuring the pub has first class Wi Fi, No remote controls and the best sound system in Mansfield.

With their Control4 installations I can now at the touch of a button turn every TV in the bar on, turn all audio zones to a set volume level and have my favourite Sky channel playing – Amazing work TT”

Peter Higgins

The Crown & Anchor is a well-known Public House in the heart of Mansfield, unfortunately it was well known for the wrong reasons as it hadn’t had any money invested on it for well over 50 years. The pub was desperate for a new owner, someone that would bring it back to its former glory.

Enter Andy Sutton and Peter Higgins, these well-respected businessman from Mansfield decided that they wanted to invest into this free house to bring it back to life, a referral from another project they contacted Trusted Technology to discuss his plans for the pub. At the very outset of the conversation it was clear that Andy wanted a special Audio Visual system for the pub to wow his customers.

In this brief they made it clear that they didn’t want endless remotes all controlling different devices in the pub and wanted a sound system to really be the best in Nottinghamshire.

After this initial consultation our team went back to design a system that would really do the place justice and be at the heart of the entertainment system and ensure that it fitted within his budget.

A control 4 touchscreen was the answer that would sit behind the bar controlling all Audio and Video devices within the Pub, this touchscreen would have access to over 100,000 songs, have access to Tune In Radio and also control the 4 TV’s and 2 Sky Receivers within the Sports Bar not only that each of the 4 Audio Zones could all be controlled from this 7” magical touchscreen.

Andy and Peter loved the idea and quickly instructed us to complete the works for them.

Our engineers programmed the Control 4 system back at our purpose built premises delivering the system to site pre-programmed with all his music library, we then installed a BOSE sound system in 4 Audio Zones and 6 x 40” 1080P Samsung  Screens, 4 in the Sports Bar, 1 in the Roof Terrace and 1 in the Champagne Bar.

It was a pleasure to see Andy’s smile when we cranked up those BOSE’s and instantly received rave reviews from the new locals.

We wish Andy, Peter and the team all the best with their new venture and hope that other Pubs in the area go and experience Control 4 for themselves as once you have seen it I am sure no pub will ever go back to having a million remotes lying behind the bar and going around in a morning turning all the TV’s on one by one.

This installation has also been entered for an award with Control 4 under the ‘most innovative use of Control 4’ as it is the first time a public house in the UK has had Control 4 which we are obviously hopeful sets a new trend in this sector.