Brierley Forest Golf Club

TECHNOLOGY: Remote CCTV system

CLIENT: Brierley Forest Golf Club

“In all the time I have owned this Golf Club, today has to be the most productive day I’ve had. Thanks to Trusted Technology I now have a CCTV system that I never thought possible which should finally stop people abusing our amazing golf course.”

Brierley Forest Golf Club
With special thanks to...
Hi-Lift Company Limited

Brierley Forest Golf Club is in the heart of Nottinghamshire with outstanding natural beauty and makes for a wonderful round of golf. Unfortunately this attraction also means that some people attempt to enjoy this without paying for the privilege.

The owner of the golf club had previously contacted more than 5 CCTV companies to install camera equipment covering the first tee so that the Golf Pro could easily identify non-members playing without paying. After 5 companies had been out and told him it was impossible as no power was available at the camera location and the camera was more than 300 yards away from the club house with no way of getting a cable back to the club house, he contacted Trusted Technology.

After closer inspection from one of our engineers, it was apparent that it was impossible to get power or signal cable to the camera location without digging up a public highway which could have meant significant cost and numerous months of delay whilst obtaining a decision from the local authority.

Not one for taking no for an answer, we returned back to our offices and got a few of the design team and engineers together to understand what could be done to install CCTV with no power or signal cable at the desired location. Whilst solar became the obvious choice it would mean installing more than 300w of solar modules to come with the demands of the CCTV camera in the dark months of the British winter and that was before we started to work out how to transmit a HD signal wirelessly over such distances.

After trialling a variety of cameras and wireless transmitters we finally came up with a solution that would draw less than 250mA meaning only a 100w solar panel would be required to drive the system, this coupled with a regulator that ensured a 12v leisure battery could be charged fully each day before dusk ensuring a 24 hour coverage just in case there were some night time golfers.

The client was amazed that we could achieve his expectations and instantly instructed Trusted Technology to install the proposed system.

Our project management team quickly went about creating a detailed installation pack and handover for the engineering team and on Friday 11th July our engineers arrived on site at 7am along with our friends at Hi-Lift who assisted with powered access equipment ensuring all work was carried out safely.

Within the same day we had the system up and running and connected to the clients Digital Video Recorder (DVR) ensuring he could record any activity and use as evidence should trespassing occur.

The client was so impressed with the quality of the cameras we used, he is now looking at upgrading their existing CCTV system and also upgrading their DVR to a version that features a mobile app to allow him to view his CCTV system anywhere in the world.