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Would you like your lights to automatically dim as you press play on the film you are settling down to watch? Or to flash twice to alert you if it gets to 10pm and you haven’t locked your front door yet?

Integration means that not only does your technology become easier to operate, it becomes smarter. Now you can have devices talking to other devices, which aren’t even the same brand.

There’s not much point in having technology that is supposed to make your life easier, when you have to search through and sign into endless apps to make it do what you want. It defeats the object.

Our integration service enables all of your smart technology to operate through a single interface, leaving you with just one remote or control panel to reach for. And if you don’t even want to have to deal with that one remote, we can set everything up to be voice-controlled.

The possibilities are endless when you create a connected system of smart technology through integration. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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