Certainly a broad term however, at Trusted Technology it is anything that requires some sort of visual screen or any type of sound system installing.

We work with some of the best known high street retailers to install their products in homes and businesses throughout Europe and have partnership agreements with some of the biggest gyms and hotels in Europe to provide AV installations across their estate.

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Background & Foreground Music

Our solutions provide the right environment for your customers regardless of environment.

Whether it is a relaxation area where you need some soothing music at low volumes to a gym that requires motivating music driven loudly – our team will design the perfect system for you.

When it comes to controlling the music this can be done remotely or locally via touch screens or good old fashioned dials.

These systems can all be linked with paging microphones allowing announcements to be made over the audio system.

Video Wall

Whilst projectors offer unlimited large screens, a video wall offers greater flexibility as it allows for independent images on the smaller screens as well as the option to have all screens linked together as one.

Typical environments where video walls really work are sports bars or venues that require the big screen impact, yet the light levels are extremely bright.

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Projector Screens

Advancements in projector technology means that you can get the big screen experience in the most unlikely of locations and with the new laser projectors you will never need to replace a lamp again.

Projector screens can also be ‘stitched’ together to give enormous images sizes and a fully immersive experience.

Large Screen TV

Whether a single screen in a hotel room or a sports bar with over 50 screens engaging with the audience, our large screen installations really do make an impact.

These screens also have the ability to link into digital signage to showcase your latest offers.

Each and every year, we install over 1000 large screen TV’s so you can be confident that you are dealing with a team of experts in this field.

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