A great home cinema should transport you.

We all remember the first time we experienced the big screen and the films that petrified us, amazed us, and made us cry.

Nothing captures the imagination like a great film – I guess thats why they call Hollywood the dream factory.

We can now recreate that big screen experience in your own home using the latest technology and acoustic treatment to recreate your very own cinema, and if you love gaming, you and also play them on the big screen.

Our design team have over 20 years’ experience building the very best home cinemas – including physical construction, lighting, projection, sound and seating.

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Home cinema construction


At this stage, we physically build the room. Factors to take into account typically would be how many tiers of seating will there be? Are we having a bar? Where is the kit going to be hidden?

We then build the room taking into account the natural acoustics of the room and what treatment will be required in order to gain the very best sound from the space.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is paramount to give a truly immersive experience in your home cinema.

We work with the very best brands to deliver the perfect lighting for the room where scenes can be triggered by actions.

For example, the moment you press play on the film, the lights automatically dim to a pre-set level.

home cinema mood lighting
Home cinema technology


Regardless of budget and room size we will work with you to create the big screen experience.

Critical to this experience is having the equipment hidden away, giving a clean appearance to the room – no cables and no boxes visable at all.

Simple Control

The last thing you want in your cinema is having to pass a PhD in order to use it.

Our control system means you won’t have a plethora of remotes and apps. Just one app and the ability to use a touchscreen, remote or smart watch to control everything in that room.

Heating, lighting, volume, curtains will all b e controlled – you can even let someone in through the front door if you wish without having to leave the film.

Home cinema simple control
home cinema dedicated seating

Dedicated Seating

Our cinema seating will ensure you can truly relax and enjoy the film in total comfort.


We have a wide-ranging selection of seating with coverings and colours from around the globe, some of them even have electric recline options that can be incorporated into your control system.