Don’t treat your cabling as an afterthought. Its infrastructure is just as important as the devices you install. 

What’s the point of investing in premium technology if you’re not going to provide it with the necessary cabling to work properly?

We pride ourselves on working with the very best equipment out there to ensure your technology can shine—as well as future additions you may not even have considered yet!

Infrastructure for technology is often overlooked when people build their dream home. All too often when we get called in, the walls have been painted and the furniture is already in place.

Ideally, the wiring for your technological infrastructure needs to be planned for and installed at the same time as your electrical cables. It’s just as important to the way your home functions.

Regardless of whether you’re at the planning stages of a new-build or looking to upgrade an existing property, our team of designers and installers will put all of their expertise at your disposal. Not only will they cater for your current devices, but they’ll be thinking ahead to the future and what you may need going forward.

As CEDIA-accredited installers, you can be confident that the guidance Trusted Technology offers on the infrastructure cabling for your home is at the pinnacle of the technology curve.

Once we’ve designed a wiring schedule for you, we’re happy to advise your contractors on the installation, or our team can come in and complete it themselves. One of the benefits of getting our team to do the install is that we then offer a 20-year warranty on the network.

Whatever stage you are at in your project, get in touch to speak to a member of our team and find out how we can help.

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