Integrated technology is only as good as the data network supporting it. We make sure yours is robust and up to the job.

The best way of thinking of a data network is as it being the foundation of every piece of technology you have in your home or business. All the exciting technology you have is absolutely reliant on having a robust data network installed, from distributed audio to all of the lighting in your home.

‘But isn’t everything wireless now?’ we hear you say. Yes, some technology can work wirelessly, but wireless signal comes from a wireless access point, and the wireless access point needs a physical data connection—so not everything can be wireless.

And just think about the number of items in your home trying to connect at the same time right now. If they’re all trying to do this wirelessly, it will significantly slow things down. So, although many people expect everything to be connected via WiFi today, it simply isn’t possible with the amount of competing technology vying to join the network.

At Trusted Technology, we firmly believe that only devices that need to be mobile should be connected by a wireless network, and this belief is founded on a lot of hands-on experience! While we know that a modern television, for example, can be connected wirelessly, it will be more reliable and faster if it has a physical connection to the data network.

Our engineers are certified to build the very best data networks using copper and fibre, and are able to use their test equipment to ensure the network is compatible with the physical infrastructure we install. In fact, we’re so sure of the quality of our workmanship that we provide a 20-year warranty on any networks we install.

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