Helping you navigate the overabundance of internet service providers, making sure you get the best connection at a competitive price.

Choosing the correct internet package for your home or business is not all about finding the lowest price. You have to make sure it’s the correct fit for your needs. Get it wrong and you could be locked into a 5-year contract with internet speeds that aren’t adequate for your needs.

With so many choices, variables and tech terms to understand, it can be like trying to understand a different language. This is where the Trusted Technology team comes in. Not only do we assess your exact requirements, we translate them into simple language so you know exactly what you need and the right product and service to provide that.

Internet connections can be problematic in remote areas and this is where our expertise really comes into its own. Commercial and residential properties often struggle to get 1MB of transfer speeds via BT’s ADSL service (which is a system that sends data through copper cabling). This creates super slow internet speed that cannot handle streaming music, TV or films.

Businesses and homeowners employ our services to access fibre cabling and 4G networks delivering upwards of 50MB through the air—that’s 50 times faster. An added bonus of 4G networks is that they serve as a backup system for businesses in the event of a fibre connection dropping out.

Making the wrong choice when it comes to internet connections can have serious implications for your work or home life. We all know the frustration of slow internet speed—or worse, no service. Getting the right advice from Trusted Technology in the initial stages will ensure that you get the fastest and most reliable internet service, at the best possible price.

As CEDIA, AVIXA and NICEIC Approved Contractors, Trusted Technology is fully qualified to advise on all aspects of internet connections. Contact our helpful team today.

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