Distributed video means multiple TVs all receiving signals from one centralised space in your home or business. No more unattractive black boxes, cables and endless remote controls.

The age of having a piece of furniture dedicated to housing TV streaming boxes is long gone. As are unsightly black boxes, cabling and satellite dishes. Driven by design, Trusted Technology can install distributed video systems so all you see is a sleek TV installed flush to the wall – or even better, a hidden TV that magically appears from inside a wall.

How does distributed video work?

Signal source providers will be located remotely in your home or commercial space so that they remain totally out of sight. This could be in a plant room, roof space, cupboard or cellar. The aesthetic impact of this alone is reason enough to install distributed video. However, there are plenty of other bonuses:

– Servicing is quicker and easier – with all equipment centrally located, a technician only needs to go to one place in a property, rather than multiple.

– No more arguments about what to watch – everyone can watch what they want, where they want. Customised viewing for all!

– Only one remote control for the TV and the source boxes – having a line of different remotes on your coffee table is a thing of the past.

– Our systems are much safer for spaces where children are present – there are no cables or devices that could be hazardous.

What’s more, distributed video is so versatile and can benefit a massive range of spaces…


Why be tied to one screen, one room, one programme? TVs can be installed in any room of the house, so you can watch your favourite programme while cooking at the same time as your kids have some downtime and watch something totally different from their bedrooms. TVs can even be installed in your bathroom for ultimate relaxation!


A TV in each room is expected as standard. Having an individual streaming box in each room is unrealistic, costly and difficult in terms of maintenance. Distributed video solves this.


Stream TV into relaxation areas of large office complexes, present to multiple rooms at the same time, or use TV screens to display your branding messaging to reinforce staff understanding and motivation. This is where distributed video really comes into its own.

How many TVs can be connected via distributed video?

As many as you like. There really is no limit. Households generally have a handful, but businesses can require a much higher number. Our current record is 980! We installed one TV per bedroom in a hotel.


As CEDIA and AVIXA members, you can be confident your distributed video system will be installed to the highest of standards.

Our helpful and knowledgeable technicians are available to talk you through the many possibilities of distributed video. Contact us today.

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