Audio solutions that deliver exceptional quality for your home or business—distributed to one room or an entire office complex.

Music has been a central part of life as far back as we can remember, and it’s key to creating the correct ambience in any space. Music can match your mood, change the way you’re feeling, or have a direct influence on the way you think and react. It’s a powerful tool in homes, workplaces and retail spaces.

The way music is played has evolved constantly—gramophones, records players, stereos, ghetto blasters, chunky hi-fi systems. Today, it’s all done by digitally streaming through devices to sleek, even invisible, speakers.

No longer does music have to be confined to one room either. With modern integrated technology, it’s possible to distribute music to targeted spaces in residential and commercial properties through integrated audio systems. Equipment can be hidden away, meaning you can listen to great-sounding music without the visual impact of cabling and large unattractive speakers. Invisible speakers that get plastered into the walls are now available for the ultimate sleek look, or to comply with regulations in certain listed buildings.

Integrated speakers go beyond music though. You can choose to hook them up to your TV, giving you a much greater audio experience than the speakers in modern slim-lined TVs can provide. You can even go as far as integrating your speakers with the doorbell, ensuring you’ll never miss a visitor if you’re out in the garden.

The choices are wide though, and they can be hard to navigate. What type of speakers? Where to install them? Which brands to choose? Luckily, Trusted Technology uses some of the very finest speaker brands from around the world that recreate music as the artist intended it to be heard and will be happy to advise on every aspect of distributed audio.

As proud members of CEDIA and AVIXA, you can rest assured that all advice, design and installation of distributed audio systems will be of the highest standards. Start the journey today and contact our team.

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