Industry-leading aftercare you can trust to ensure optimal performance from your integrated technology—now and in the future.

Trust is in our name. It’s integral to what we do. Whether it’s your business or home, both are incredibly personal to you. Integrated technology isn’t a one-time requirement. As it evolves, you’ll need your system updating, it might need extending to meet your changing needs and if you move house or relocate a business, you’ll need assistance in taking the technology with you.

At Trusted Technology, we have created our TrustPack, which provides the highest level of aftercare service and guarantees you’ll ‘Experience Amazing’ year in, year out.

Becoming a TrustPack member gives you:

  • Unlimited remote support
  • 24/7 emergency assistance from our team
  • Self-healing diagnostics—we monitor your technology and can often repair issues before you even notice them
  • A 10% reduction when you need to replace equipment that is no longer under warranty
  • A 10% reduction on hardware and labour for upgrades
  • Bi-annual health checks on your installed technology
  • Dedicated TrustPack contact details to reach our team

TrustPack memberships are completely bespoke – our team will generate a proposal for your home or business depending on the size of the system we have installed for you.

One more thing—when we talk about trust, we’re not just talking about trust in our products and service. That’s essential, but it’s not enough. We’re talking about trust in us—as a company and as individuals. We want to work with you for a long time, so we spend time creating rapport and getting to know you.

Get in touch with us for your bespoke proposal and start enjoying all the benefits of TrustPack today.

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