You’ve read about it—now it won’t be long before you can see it!

Technology is tactile, tangible. Reading about it isn’t always enough—especially when it’s a brand-new product that isn’t available online or on the high street. You need to touch it, experience the tingle it makes you feel, and see first-hand how it could improve your life—at home or at work.

Our Trusted Technology Experience Centre is nearly ready and from spring 2021 it’s where you can EXPERIENCE AMAZING for the first time. Based in the heart of England, we’re easily accessible. Come and see us—we’re waiting to inspire you!

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1. See, feel and hear the technology in action.

2. Speak with our team of experts face to face.

3. Be inspired and discover what is possible.

So in 2017 we finally found a location that we felt served exactly what we needed. An easy to get to location in the heart of our city that we can turn into our very own bespoke experience centre showcasing the very latest and greatest technology we have to offer.

Our experience centre will be appointment only which allows us to dedicate the time to showcase our products and answer any questions.

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