Why your Commercial Property Needs Smart Technology


Businesses and commercial property owners should consider smart technology for their commercial buildings. This type of technology can help commercial property owners to create a better customer experience, make the building more usable and safe, and save money on running costs. Here are some reasons why installing smart technology is important.

Smart technology can be used to save energy and reduce property overheads

Installing smart technology will save money on running costs because it reduces energy consumption by up to 30-40%. A commercial building’s heating and cooling costs can be almost cut in half with the use of smart heating/cooling and smart lighting.

When you consider that businesses with small-medium-sized office space can easily spend up to £5,000 on electricity per year, there are some significant savings to be made! You might be asking, what constitutes a small business space or medium business space…

The table below is used as a rough guide based on a micro-business meaning 1-2 people in an office of up to 150 square feet. Of course, there are lots of other factors which will influence electricity usage, such as the type of computer equipment you use and how many hours you spend in the office, but you get the idea!

Prices based on data pre-2022 price hike!

Smart lights can also reduce commercial energy consumption from lighting by up to 60% by automatically turning on and off based on motion sensors. This avoids the risk of office lights being left on overnight. In turn, commercial property owners can save on electricity expenses thanks to the low-energy, smart lighting.

Smart technology makes commercial buildings safer

The security of commercial buildings is important because it helps to prevent theft, vandalism and damage, keeping tenants safe. For example, smart locks ensure that only authorised personnel can access restricted places, and access gates ensure that every visitor checks in and out, meaning you always know who’s on-site.

Smart sensors can also be used to improve safety through intelligent lighting, for example, using motion detectors to turn lighting on when someone enters a room and adjust to suit their needs. This type of system can also be used with smart safety sensors for commercial fire alarms, intruder alarms and panic buttons.

What’s more, security systems can use smart technology too – a commercial CCTV installation will allow 24/7 monitoring and recording, with data sent straight to cloud storage so you’re never short of backups. Factor in motion detection and your system can operate in standby mode until activity takes place, therefore saving on running costs.

Smart technology increases commercial property usability

Customers are already using smartphones and a range of other gadgets and devices that improve the quality and efficiency of their day-to-day lives; they want the same from their workspace.

A commercial fit-out that includes integrated smart technology will increase commercial property usability by creating conditions that are conducive to not only efficient working but an enjoyable working environment.

As more companies transition to a hybrid remote-working schedule, employees are looking for more interactive places to work. After a year of communication via technology, it’s now the norm to engage with peers and clients over platforms that enable video conferencing and online chats.

Integrations like video walls and professional lighting allow easier, high-quality communication, while smart audio systems, soundproofing and wall paneling create optimum audio quality in commercial interiors.

The shift from ‘grey-box’ offices to interactive, audio-visual experiences will play a huge part in the growth of commercial technology fit-outs and by installing smart technology, property owners will see an increase in revenue as they make their buildings more attractive for tenants.

Creating an environment that people want to spend time in by installing air conditioning, heating, top-of-the-range WiFi networks, security integrations and so on, makes your space more desirable.

Great examples of commercial smart technology installation

It wouldn’t be fair to write about smart technology in commercial spaces without mentioning our own projects! We’ve worked on some awesome projects, transforming workspaces, leisure facilities and bars with smart technology.


Cubo’s commercial fit-out is all about making working environments more efficient and enjoyable through its innovative use of smart technology.

Our team has worked across all 3 of their branches in Sheffield, Nottingham and Derby, installing everything from CCTV and video intercom to air conditioning and heating units.

Their co-working space uses commercial smart technology to create an inviting work area for office tenants and hot-deskers alike.

The end result: a space that balances productivity, creativity and flexibility in equal measure.

ALTO Sheffield

We took things up a level (literally) in Sheffield when we completely kitted out the top floor of the Cubo Work office building as a bar-come-nightclub – ALTO Sheffield.

Installing a security system, smart lighting, outdoor audio, access control, a WiFi network and a control centre, we transformed the previously unused top floor of 38 Carver Street into a stunning rooftop bar and terrace.

London Gym

Working with one of the busiest gyms in London, we brought a fresh new look and feel to their workout areas using smart technology.

Installing DMX lighting, we created ‘Zones’ within the gym that were easily identifiable through colour, with the intense workout zones benefitting from nightclub-style lighting to keep members energised and motivated.

So, why look to kit out your commercial space with smart technology?

The commercial property industry is evolving and it’s important that building owners keep up with the pace of change.

If you’re looking for a way to increase commercial property usability by providing an environment that’s conducive to efficient working but also enjoyable, consider installing smart technology in your commercial space. The benefits are endless- from increased safety through access control systems or CCTV integration, to improved communication skills between employees who need video conferencing capabilities due to remote work schedules – there are plenty of reasons why smart technology should be part of every commercial fitout project!

And if you want help finding out how much this could cost or which specific features would suit your business best, get in touch with our team.

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