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Trusted Technology is delighted to announce its new partnership with Steven Christopher Design to bring luxury design and functionality to your home interior.

Steven Christopher Design is a family run business established in 2002, based in Long Eaton and West Bridgford, meaning geographically they cover similar areas as us here at Trusted Technology.

The team at Steven Christopher Design has obvious talent and great passion for creative design, having transformed many homes. Whether the project is a new build, a renovation or an extension, their stylish and innovative interior design solutions have produced the most desirable outcomes for all areas of the house.

Steven Christopher Design luxury kitchen interior

What will the partnership include?

At Steven Christopher Design, they have a keen interest in kitchen design, as well as an outstanding portfolio on many bedroom and bathroom design projects. This makes them the perfect partner for Trusted Technology and here’s how it will work…

We’re kickstarting our partnership with a trade off of services. Steven Christopher Design will design and install a premium kitchen in our showroom in Nottingham, in return for an installation of one of our quality audio visual system solutions in their showroom. This way, our clients or prospective customers can take a look at the company’s end product first before committing to a render or a full installation. And what better way to recommend each other than to have tried and tested each other’s products and services?

Steven Christopher Design luxury bedroom interior

As Steven Christopher Design work with homeowners, the team can recommend Trusted Technology’s services for home automation or a lighting design solution if the client has not yet thought about it, and vice versa – the properties Trusted Technology works in are often going through a renovation process (or being built from scratch) so if the homeowner hasn’t yet considered interior design aspects, we can recommend Steven Christopher Design.

Gaining customers and interest from recommendations is a fantastic way to instil trust and to reassure them that their home is taken care of – letting customers find you almost adds to the value of the service provided.

Steven Christopher Design works with a number of the most prestigious kitchen manufacturers that provide premium finishes such as Siematic, Rempp, Next125, Aisling, Schuller and Fine English to name a few. Their portfolio hosts some pretty impressive projects, creating huge transformations for their clients whilst meeting every one of their requirements and wants.

The designers at Steven Christopher Design work hard to bring the latest innovations to their clients, by working closely with them and focusing on satisfying the wishes and needs of each individual they are able to give them exactly what they require to suit their lifestyles.

Portfolio Pieces

Take a look at the following pieces from Steven Christopher Design’s portfolio of kitchen projects to get a glimpse into their impeccable eye for creative design.

Steven Christopher Design luxury kitchen lounge interior
Steven Christopher Design luxury kitchen interior
Steven Christopher Design luxury kitchen interior

How will the partnership benefit our customers?

We believe that having a partnership with Steven Christopher Design will be hugely beneficial for our customers. The clients that we have acquired over the years have spectacular taste and are often interested in premium high quality products and finishes which is something both Steven Christopher Design and our team at Trusted Technology can deliver.

Steven Christopher Design luxury bathroom interior

We want to make the experience of either building your home, or renovating particular areas of your home, as stress free as possible, ensuring that all aspects of design, planning, installation and finishes are taken care of by our team of qualified professionals.

It’s difficult enough to find the time to sit down for a family meal, and getting everyone in one place at one time to design and plan is never easy with the fast-paced nature of today’s society. Time stealers such as work, household chores and family commitments can often stop you from making your house a home. This is where we come in, we want to make the process as straightforward for you as possible – if you will allow our team to take on the responsibility of turning your ideas into a reality we’re certain you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.

Both teams of professionals will be able to answer any questions you may have about any possible renovations you had in mind, or to simply bounce ideas off to get a better idea of what it is that you want for your home.

Steven Christopher Design luxury bathroom interior

For example, you may have come to us for a full install of smart home automation, but then decide you want the house to have a modern and premium finish to it too – this is where we can recommend Steven Christopher Design to produce renders for your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom areas. Whilst Trusted Technology’s installation of smart home automation, lighting or home cinemas will no doubt enhance your home regardless of other aesthetic changes, why stop there?

Why partner with an interior design company?

Since there are already 2.2 million smart homes in the UK – a figure that is rapidly increasing year on year – interior design companies teaming up with home automation installers who can help you design, plan and integrate IoT infrastructures. Doing so allows companies like ourselves and Steven Christopher Design to offer expert insights and advice into not only the kinds of smart home technology today’s property buyers are looking for, but how to install that technology in a way that compliments and works well with your interior design.

Professional smart home integrators can offer the experience and expertise needed to help designers at Steven Christopher Design make the most of smart technology integrations in a way that enhances the aesthetic qualities of their design; interior designs should be planned with smart home automation in mind.

We’re so excited to continue our relationship with Steven Christopher Design and can’t wait to show our clients some of their amazing work. Hopefully, we’ll get to see firsthand some of their interior designs in your homes!

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