Our Move to the City


Location, location, location—in 2017 we created our very own home of our dreams, showcasing exactly what Trusted Technology can do!

Trusted Technology started its life in 2013, operating from an old mill in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. We were very happy there and, for a time, it had everything we needed. As the business grew though, we realised we needed something quite different—an Experience Centre. But we didn’t have the space.

As tenants, we were mindful of investing a substantial amount of money in a building that we didn’t own. So, in 2017, we made a mighty decision to buy our very own property and made our move to Nottingham. Located on one of the busiest roads in the city, overlooking the Trent, we found an unused substation that had the potential we needed. While the building needed major work to bring it to life, we saw the opportunity to inject the Trusted Technology magic, enabling us to showcase exactly what our talented team can do.

Planning permission was granted in May 2018 and work is currently under way to create our very own masterpiece, heading for completion by Easter 2019. Look out for your invitation—all of our customers will be invited to the big launch!

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