We’re an Official Crestron Dealer!


We’re proud to announce that we are now Crestron dealers, providing new installations, maintenance and support for Crestron Home Automation Systems across Nottingham, Derby and the Midlands.

What is a Crestron Dealer?

Being a Crestron Dealer is an elite and prestigious title. It means that Trusted Technology is amongst the best of the best at designing, installing and maintaining Crestron products.

Crestron are the pioneers and market leaders of audio-visual and automation integration in both residential and commercial spaces. What’s more, they only allow trusted and accredited companies to become dealers – we’re extremely proud to be one of them!  

How we use Crestron

Our designers and engineers are constantly getting asked to push the boundaries with Automation and Integration. Becoming an official Crestron Dealer means that we can create even more unique and enjoyable home automation experiences for our clients, integrating technologies such as security, lighting, audio-visual, electrical and meeting room software to offer an entirely customisable experience.

How can Crestron home automation benefit you?

Crestron home automation systems empower homeowners to take control of their environment at the click of a button, adding convenience and simplicity to your home.

Crestron systems often include an array of home automation solutions:

  • Intelligent lighting
  • Energy efficient home climate control
  • Latest innovations in home security
  • Multi-room audio-video systems

Crestron home automation systems transform your home into a truly welcoming, secure and desirable place to live. The flexibility of Crestron means solutions are completely personalisable, with home controls at your fingertips! We love working with clients to design a solution that caters to their needs.

Crestron home automation system controlled from a wall-mounted touchpad

Crestron lighting

Our engineers are specialists in installing Crestron lighting as part of Crestron home automation systems. Crestron lighting is one of the most flexible lighting control solutions on the market because any type of light fitting is compatible with it. It can also be configured and controlled from an iPad or Crestron touchpanel. Most importantly, it’s so easy to create the ultimate ambient lighting with simple controls quite literally at your fingertips.

Crestron electronic curtains & blinds

No Crestron home automation system would be complete without electronic curtains or blinds. This is the icing on the cake when it comes to creating the perfect environment. Crestron systems can control curtain and blind closures based on temperature, time or desired mood. Now that’s pretty cool!

Crestron meeting room systems

With remote working and distance learning becoming the norm, we’ve been installing meeting room systems like never before! Current demands on organisations and educational institutions are calling for upgraded experiences to bridge the gap between the office or classroom and home. Crestron meeting room systems transform every table-top into a collaboration hub, with any meeting just one touch away. Integrations with Microsoft Teams or Zoom mean video-conferencing and content sharing has never been easier.

We’re excited about revolutionising remote working with these incredible specs that include HD cameras and 10’ mic ranges to ensure everyone is clearly seen and heard – say goodbye to your poor quality webcam and hello to a professional new set up.

Meeting room system implemented in a modern co-working hub

System performance, support and maintenance

Our systems are designed with long-term reliability in mind, but our work doesn’t stop at the end of a project. We don’t just specialise in designing, programming and installing high-end systems for large homes and office spaces, we also maintain these systems through regular health check-ups, updates and ongoing tech support, offered in our TrustPack.

As with any form of technology, updated software and upgraded products are released on an almost daily basis, so we ensure that the systems we install notify us of any issues, incompatibilities or update requirements.

Our maintenance service is second-to-none.  Most of the time, we resolve issues before our customers even knew they existed! Our proactive approach means that you can be confident in knowing that your Crestron home automation system will run at optimum performance day and night, without you having to do a thing.

Becoming a Crestron Dealer means we have access to all the latest updates and intel, keeping your Crestron System working smoothly and efficiently.

We’re proud to have built long-lasting relationships with happy customers who are over the moon with their Crestron home automation systems.

Crestron home automation solutions for Nottingham, Derby and the Midlands

We have teams of trained, trusted and accredited engineers available all across the midlands, serving Nottingham and Derby as our primary locations. When our engineers are not out installing home automation systems, they’re in our newly renovated Nottingham office, working on designing and programming systems to ensure we deliver projects we can be proud of.

Our Nottingham office and showroom cover the whole of the Midlands but our engineers occasionally travel further afield. We’ve been as far as Newcastle and Scotland for those valued customers who just wouldn’t turn anywhere else!

Crestron in action – Nottingham Showroom

As a Crestron Dealer, we get our hands on the latest products to showcase at our Nottingham showroom, opening in January 2021. Here, we will feature some of the very latest Crestron products, including their latest meeting room products. Their ground-breaking video distribution will also allow us to distribute 4K video with full 4:4:4 chroma subsampling over a 1GB network to all 23 video screens in our experience centre.

We can’t wait to share these products in person with you – the countdown is on!

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