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We’re excited to announce another fantastic partnership that we have lined up with Aquavision to bring more luxury technologies to our customers that can’t be found on the high street or online. 

Trusted Technology will be acting as an official provider of Aquavision’s high-end luxury television technologies. 

Who is Aquavision?

Aquavision is a UK based, but global provider of the latest television technology. They recognised a gap in the market over two decades ago for waterproof TV’s and since then have been the market leader in optimising TV experiences for users. 

Aquavision recognises that the needs and wants of consumers will change and evolve over time, and their innovation of new technologies helps to accommodate this. 

aquavision mirrored tv on wall in kitchen

They pride themselves in having a clear understanding of what their consumers will want and need based on their lifestyles, helping them to choose the best suited entertainment system. 

We are the proud innovators of waterproof tv’s and remain the only company to design and manufacture an expansive range of high performance, in-wall televisions from 12-inches to 100-inches in their UK factory.

Core products:

  • Indoor TV
  • Outdoor TV
  • Bespoke Mirror TV
  • Accessories

How will our customers benefit from the partnership?

We love how Aquavision has turned a simple idea into an innovative and ever-evolving business. The clients we work with often come to us with little idea of what it is they might need for their home to make the upgrades they want. Our partnership with Aquavision will be perfect for providing the answers and solutions to their problems.

Trusted Technology is always looking for ways to help our clients – even after the service is provided. One of the best things about the partnership with Aquavision is that uniquely, all of their products are designed and engineered in a way that allows them to be upgraded at any time, meaning they can provide their customers with upgrade and maintenance kits for almost all of their products. 

aquavision TV outdoor pool

This means our customers won’t need to worry about staying ahead of the curve, they will always be equipped with the latest television technologies for their home with Aquavision. 

As leading manufacturers of high-end luxury televisions, we feel Aquavision is a brand that reflects our own wants and needs for customers. Their successful production of world class, hand built, and high performance TV’s for all applications is a huge selling point to both Trusted Technology and our customers. 

Collaborative future

We look forward to the opportunity to work together with Aquavision to bring our customers the latest television technology that can’t be found anywhere else. 

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