New Partnership with Security Leaders HIKVISION


We’re excited to announce yet another new partnership, this time with the largest security manufacturer in the world; HIKVISION


HIKVISION is the biggest global security system and product manufacturer in the world – a pioneer in security. They are the market leaders for CCTV and video surveillance solutions, and whilst they host a full site of comprehensive products for a range of vertical markets, they also extend their services and products to smart home technology. 

They provide powerful business intelligence for end users on top of all of their standard services and products – inevitably enabling more efficient operations and greater commercial success. 

HIKVISION produces a vast range of CCTV cameras and equipment, including IP cameras, HD analog cameras, management and analytics software, alarm systems, and a variety of other assistive surveillance equipment.


HIKVISION offers their security solutions to an array of industries, with several different functions available.

By Industry: 

  • Retail
  • Education
  • Traffic
  • Banking
  • Industrial
  • Logistics
  • Building

By function:

  • ANPR
  • Heat Mapping
  • People counting
  • Queue Detection
  • Perimeter protection

What will the partnership mean for Trusted Technology?

As our clients already know, we would never want them to compromise on their security and safety, which is why we feel that a partnership with the world leaders in security solutions is the best step forward for us and for our clients. 

We want our clients to feel assured that any HIKVISION security system implemented at their house or place of business by our team is of the highest quality and is absolutely secure. 

hikvision security camera

Our Experience Centre will showcase some of their unique products and services for prospective and existing clients to get a better idea of what is on offer.

Benefits of HIKVISION CCTV system:

1. Range of features

HIKVISION provides their customers with a large range of features to choose from, including image quality, camera design and price. Thus, their equipment can be easily tailored to your budget and requirements, leaving you with a security system that suits your business or home.

2. Lenses

The HIKVISION IP camera lenses have a much wider coverage than the average CCTV camera, so whilst they are more expensive than standard CCTV cameras, you will need to purchase less of them to cover the same area.

3. Analytics software built in

Most Hikvision IP CCTV systems arrive with analytics abilities built in, meaning you won’t have to make an extra investment in an analytics software.

4. High resolution

HIKVISION IP cameras tend to lend a better resolution of image due to the greater number of megapixels in comparison to that of a standard CCTV camera. This also allows you clarity when zooming in on your pre-recorded footage.

5. Easy to use

If you’re not used to using CCTV softwares or struggle with new technologies then HIKVISION cameras would be ideal as they are easy to use and simple enough to understand.

6. Easy to upgrade or add to

HIKVISION systems are great because you can input just a few cameras at the beginning to see how you get on with the system, then later down the line if you require extra security you can either add to the cameras you have or upgrade your solution easily.

7. Quick installation

The products from HIKVISION are simple and quick to install, meaning your new security system can be up and running in no time at all.

HIKVISION in action

If you want to see HIKVISION in action, get in touch with our Trusted team to arrange an appointment at our Experience Centre in Nottingham where you’ll get to experience the excellence of the range first hand.

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