Trusted Technology are proud to announce we have achieved member status with the trade organisation CEDIA, also known as the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association
CEDIA is a worldwide body which helps regulate and standardise the technology industry through a program of CPD (continued professional development) and by the distribution of knowledge through events and certification alike;
Another nice way to think of CEDIA is to think of it like the hive mind . When someone learns a lesson in CEDIA, we all learn a lesson, helping us create better, more stable, more enjoyable, better value systems for you, your home and your family.
What does Trusted Technology becoming a CEDIA member mean for you? It means now more than ever you can turn to us with confidence knowing that we literally have access to some of the most talented minds in our industry, putting us, and you at the forefront of technology. A CEDIA badge is more than just a badge of honour, it is a way of life.

Achieving membership with CEDIA is testament to all the hard work and exceptional AV instllations of our team over the last 12 months and gives the company a solid foundation for our soon to be launched apprenticeship programme.

Should you need to know more about CEDIA and what they stand for please visit their website here (