A very broad term in our industry, sometimes called smart homes, or more recently, IoT – Internet of Things.

The principle however is the integration of security, audio visual, lighting and heating.

By integrating all of these technologies we allow our customers the ability to do some pretty amazing things.

For example, using number plate recognition we can automatically release your electric gates as you drive up to them.

Whilst there are some amazing stand alone apps now to control your heating or lighting, home automation is the glue that brings it all together.

The end result is a life free from cables, endless remotes and savings on heating and lighting bills.

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home automation - lighting

Automated Lighting

Great lighting makes a home, but now with automated lighting we can make the home much more intelligent.

Now the light switch can do so much more. For example, if you always watch Sky News with a coffee in the kitchen, why not have a button on your light switch that turns on the TV and selects Sky News – all from a single button press.

Or one of our favourite, a “house off” button – so when the entire family is going out, we can programme a button to turn all TV’s and lighting off in the home.

Now the lighting is integrated to the home, triggers can be set by a variety of options. For example, playing a movie in the cinema room can automatically dim the lights, or if the doorbell rings, why not have the lights flash twice? The opportunities are endless! 


We are yet to meet a customer who isn’t concerned on how much it costs to heat their home. It is without doubt the biggest household bill for the majority of homes.

Integrated heating systems such as Nest, Honeywell and Heatmiser give us much more control over those bills.

Why heat the room that nobody goes in? or worse still, heat an empty home? Having your heating integrated means you can now control anywhere in the world.

home automation - heating
home automation - distributed video

Distributed Video

Finally, all those horrible looking Sky boxes, DVD players and amplifiers can be hidden away yet still controlled from any room.

This allows for a floating TV on the wall with no ugly black boxes and no cables.

Better still, a single remote control can now control all equipment which is hidden away in a convenient location of your choice.

You don’t need to worry about having the correct channel on the TV for the Sky Box, you simply select Sky on the remote and the TV goes to the correct input and the remote turns into a Sky remote – magic.

That same remote can also control heating, lighting and blinds.

Distributed Audio

Having music sources stored locally means that we can distribute sound to anywhere in the home.

The most popular method currently is ceiling speakers as they are unobtrusive and with versions from brands such as Bowers & Wilkins, sound stunning.

External areas can benefit from speakers that merge into the garden and because everything is managed centrally, you can now have the same music playing throughout the home or garden – perfect for entertaining.

You can play music from your phone, streaming services such as Deezer and Tidal, or from a local hard drive.

Another benefit of distributed audio is that as the centralised location is the same location as the video distribution, we can make the same ceiling speakers play the sound for the TV.

Home automation - distributed audio
home automation - security


With Home Automation we can now seamlessly integrate gates, CCTV, Intruder Alarms and locks.

From a simple app we can now see status of all these devices anywhere in the world, or see any of the cameras.

Now the lights are integrated, we can also set up ‘mockupancy’ schedules giving the impression you are at home even though you may be on holiday.

If you don’t feel comfortable giving the dog walker or cleaner a key to your home, why not integrate your doors so when they arrive you will be notified on your phone and can let them in.

Blind Control

Working with the best blind and curtain manufacturers from around the world we can now automate these allowing for automatic shade control dependent on where the sun is.

Blackout blinds are also particularly useful for cinema rooms which can also be programmed to automatically come down once the play button is pressed for a film.

home automation - blind control