At the heart of almost every system we install is ‘The Network’. This , if you like, is the infrastructure that allows communication to be made between devices. In principle, it is quite basic – a patch panel, a switch, some structured cabling and a face plate – however, I am sure every one can recall a moment where ‘The Network’ has been blamed for a device not working correctly.

We work and are approved installers of some of the biggest network manufacturers in the world including Ruckus, Excel and Package to name a couple.

All our network installations are fully commissioned using the very latest equipment by Fluke in order to give full commissioning reports.

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IT network - infrastructure


This is all the cabling that links distribution positions and all ‘subscriber’ cable which could be connected to a PC or an Access Point for example.

The cable is fixed wiring and comes with full commissioning report to proves what speeds the infrastructure the cable is capable of accepting.

Active Equipment

Defined as anything that requires power to make them function within the IT Network.

Internet Service Providers or ISP will bring their connection into the building which then terminate into a router, this then connects into switches in order to send network traffic to desired locations.

IT network - active equipment
IT network - WiFi


So much of our daily life is spent having our phones, laptop and tablets connected to a Wi Fi network.

A great Wi Fi network should allow you to roam throughout the building without the need to disconnect / reconnect your device. We only use controller led solutions to create a genuine mesh giving your home or business a truly seamless experience