Our alarm systems protect homes and business from theft, flooding and potentially death

Working with the best manufacturers in the world we can design and install Intruder Alarms, Flood Detection Systems, Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detection systems that save lives and protect valuable assets

As a System Integration we also ensure that the systems we install don’t work as ‘islands’ and talk to other technology in your home or business allowing for much smoother user experience.

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Alarm system - intruder alarms

Intruder Alarms

Businesses and Homes that have intruder alarm’s installed are less likely to be burgled – FACT.

Our intruder alarms are simple to use and with the advent of new technologies we can utilize wireless technology if cables aren’t possible to run.

Smoke & Heat Detection

In the 1970’s, it would take about 30 minutes for a fire to over a room. Today it can take less than 5.

Our smoke and heat alarm systems give early warnings ensuring you have time to protect your family.

Alarm systems - smoke and heat detection
alarm systems - carbon monoxide detection

Carbon Monoxide Detection

About 200,000 homes in the UK experience high levels of carbon monoxide every year

Our C02 detectors ensure your family are alerted as soon as carbon monoxide levels become a risk. Our systems can also notify you of this wherever you are in the world.

Flood Detection

Water is the most common substance in the world. It gives life, but it can also take it away.

Our flood detection systems will ensure you are notified wherever you are in the world of water getting where it shouldn’t.

alarm systems - flood detection