When one of the busiest gyms in London wanted a boost of energy, we knew just what to do.

This client wanted to bring a fresh new look and feel to their workout areas, but, as one of the busiest gyms in London, it wasn’t your average project.

Using DMX lighting, we created a bespoke scheme that was designed to impress, as well as help the people working out. Zones within the gym were made easily identifiable through colour, and the intense workout zones now benefit from nightclub-style lighting to help keep members energised and motivated.

The gym has over 10,000 people using it every day, so any downtime had to be kept to an absolute minimum. We worked closely with the building contractors throughout the design process to ensure everything would run smoothly. During the actual installation, our engineers worked through the night to ensure minimal disruption for members.


One of the busiest gyms in London needed an overhaul of their lighting system to give the internal areas a new look, but all the work needed to be completed without interrupting anyone’s workout!


We designed and installed a DMX lighting system that complements the activities carried out in the gym and helps to keep members motivated, working through the night to minimise disruption.

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