Cross Keys, Peterborough

PROJECT: Control4 Audio Visual including 3×3 Video Wall

SECTOR: Hospitality

TECHNOLOGY: Audio Visual / automation


 With the European Championships starting in just over a week we were contacted by the owner of this pub chain regarding the installation of Audio Visual equipment in pub they were renovating.


 Our surveys are always free and we met with the owner to discuss in greater detail his requirements, he had installed projectors at previous venues but this time wanted something different to his competition to really set the place apart . A video wall was quickly established with the ability of having individual channels per screen along with at the press of a button all screens creating a full 3 x 3 image.

An additional 5 TV’s were also installed around the building all with the ability to receive any one of the 3 Sky Receivers or Freeview, a key requirement was this all needed to be installed behind the bar with a  dedicated touchscreen and speakers could be zoned with volume control for each zone.


Timescales were our biggest factor on this one as some of the equipment would be special order from the US, we had 5 days once we had received the order to getting the system cabled, installed and commissioned, failure to hit the deadline would mean no TV once the pub opened.

Luckily we are used to working on such tight deadlines as work daily in the hospitality sector and know only too well the pace this industry goes at. The pub opened on time and our team of engineers were on hand on opening night to assist all staff members using the system.

We have customised the system to allow for a ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ button which means when the first member of staff arrives in the morning they press a single button which turns all TV’s on, switches the amplifiers on and tunes the Sky receiver to Sky Sports News.

Science Bit

For those interested in the equipment installed it was as follows– Just Add Power 3G Transmitters and Receivers, Control4 Controller and Touchscreen, Sony Screens, Crown Amplifier’s and RCF Speakers which sounded stunning by the way.


Feedback on the system has been excellent with staff loving the fact they don’t need any remotes to control the TV’s or sound system. Customers love the video wall as extremely handy when 2 football games are on at the same time and we cannot wait to visit once the Champions League starts.

Big thanks on this one to Just Add Power for getting the equipment in at such short notice and Daniel, Steve, Nigel and Pete for a great installation.