The most disheartening aspect of working in the smart home industry is that clients often ask us to give them advice on technology in their new home when it is already too late. Once a building has been plastered, we can’t easily install the wires needed to run our products.

Sadly, this currently happens at least once a week. It’s a difficult conversation to have, as it means that we have to battle a very common misconception: wireless technology does not mean that there are zero cables involved. Unfortunately, while he can do many things, Ryan Reynolds can’t actually receive Wi Fi 100 feet up in the air.

This frustration is further amplified as the client would like a Smart Home, and yet has been poorly advised from the beginning: meaning that without major structural work, it won’t be possible at all. In our experience, there’s no such thing as “too early” when it comes to employing a CEDIA accredited professional to help plan your home automation project.

If a CEDIA professional is engaged from inception of the project, we can work with the builders to ensure that the property’s technological and automation potential is maximized. Think of a home as a living being: it will outlive us, and will only increase in value with smart home cabling, so what does the property “deserve”? Patchwork fixes every couple of years, or a solid infrastructure to build on easily?

We do understand that not every home owner is comfortable with speaking to the walls to ask for the lights to be turned on, however, future owners may well want this feature. Our slogan is: “the building deserves it”.

Another advantage of installing cables at the building stage is that a property owner doesn’t need to decide immediately on what technology to have in the home: you are safe in the knowledge that any eventuality is catered for if you change your mind and decide on extra automation features in future.

For this reason, we have launched our ‘CHC’ service (short for Connected Home Cabling). This service is available to anyone who is building their next Grand Design, and will ensure that you get independent advice on the best and most appropriate technology for your home. This will guarantee that you get the correct quantity and quality of cable for:

  • Multi Room Audio: gives you the ability to play music throughout your home.
  • Video Distribution: play Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Sky and Virgin in any room.
  • IT Networks: get enterprise grade Wi Fi throughout your home, including in the garden – along with data networks for TVs and PCs.
  • Access Control: electric gates and video intercoms.
  • CCTV: cameras throughout your home (cool new feature: they can film in colour at night now!)
  • Intruder Alarm: giving you complete peace of mind at home or when you’re away.
  • Media Rooms & Home Theatres: for the very best man or woman caves.
  • Lighting: wired correctly, this really does give the home a signature style.

For further details on this service, please get in touch with one of our team members – and remember, the most expensive cable is the one that you forget to install.