Not-So-Wireless Technology

The most disheartening aspect of working in the smart home industry is that clients often ask us to give them advice on technology in their new home when it is already too late. Once a building has been plastered, we can’t easily install the wires needed to run our products. Sadly, this currently happens at…


Alexa make my home smart

One of the key pieces of information to come out of ISE(Integrated Systems Europe) this year was Control4’s announcement that they now have full integration with Alexa here in the UK.

Whilst this service had only previously been available to the US market this is now available to all our customers throughout the UK which we are all excited about here at TT.

So what does Home Automation cost?

Without doubt the most popular question we get asked by friends, customers and even suppliers is ‘ how much does Home Automation cost to have installed’ ?

It is almost impossible to answer as everything we do is bespoke to the individual customer. Some customers have pools for example, and some don’t, some customers have their own private cinema that seats 50 people and some just want a snug for their immediate facility to watch TV.

TT are now Nest Pro Installers

We are pleased to announce we are now Nest Pro installers. For those that haven’t come across the Nest range of products they are in a nutshell the most beautiful and intuitive Thermostats on the planet but don’t take our word for it Google recently bought the company for $3.2 billion. Invented by Tony Fadell…

Control4 Gold Dealer Status

Today we received some pretty exciting news at TT HQ from Control4 who have given us the accolade for 2015 of Gold Dealer status. Control4 is without doubt the most respected Home Automation system in the World, with their ever expanding third party eco system it is now possible to automate quite literally anything in a…